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Product Name: Youtube Hijack
Overall Ranking: 77 Out Of 100
Price: FREE
Owners: Sarah Staar

How To Make Videos For Youtube With Youtube Hijack (Explained)

This is a course that is developed by Sarah Staar, What I liked about this course was that it was,still is, free, it  focuses solely on video marketing, how to make videos for youtube, getting your affiliate links on other people’s videos etc.

This is a great course that has a lot of perks for the beginner affiliate marketer, there were some really nice techniques that I learned there, like how to do proper video keyword research and how to make your youtube video rank well.

This might not sound promising at all, but her video marketing course comes with a twist…there are three modules that are included within this course each containing about 3-5 videos each.

What Is So Great About This Product?

Although I’m not presumptuously proclaiming this video marketing course the best on the online space right now, but it certainly beats most of these so-called video marketing courses.

  • It’s free
  • It has a lot of great strategies that any affiliate marketer of any level can use.
  • It also has some advanced strategies such as using squeeze pages with your affiliate links.
  • No website needed to make your first dollar online.

This is truly a remarkable product that I myself have tried, it worked out great…I also didn’t regret the fact that I took time to actually try the product.

However this business model has to be repeated over and over again in order for it to keep generating you income. You want something fairly tough in the beginning, but will continue to generate income for you, forever, without  having to reset each and every time your earnings decrease.

What I Disliked…

Although it’s free and I completely respect Sarah Staar’s business practices and conduct…there are some things that I did not like about youtube hijack.

  • Prompting people you don’t know to place affiliate links on their videos
  • Setting it up over and over whenever you see your earnings decreasing.
  • There are limited resources

There is little support and interaction with other people on the site (at least from my experience), there is no live chat and other features, but then again, it’s free and it delivers and I think that this product is a lot better than most paid video marketing courses.

Will I  Be Able To Make Youtube Videos With Youtube Hijack?

This is a question that somebody that does not know anything about the online world would ask, and frankly I wouldn’t blame the person that dared asked me this question, And the answer to that question is a YES, because the main focus of this course is to teach you how to make videos for youtube, not only do that, but also use a squeeze page to increase your earnings.

There are also other strategies some of which I have forgotten, don’t blame me I haven’t logged into my account after I came across WEALTHY AFFILIATE.

She breaks down everything in her courses so that you are able to follow and understand everything, because although backlinks are not important for website SEO anymore, but they are everything for Video, and that’s how google ranks most videos.

Although asking to place your affiliate links on other people’s videos might be weird and a bit over the top, yet the more links you place, the more google spiders see that link on other high ranking videos, then when you post your very first video on youtube,because you are established as an authority in your niche google will automatically rank your video.

Although these methods are unconventional for people that are already earning online, it might not be so for the beginner, because at the end of the day you want to be able to make money online, you will do it…basically what I’m saying is that this is great for the beginner, but not for the intermediate and advanced affiliate marketer…because they can collaborate with other marketers as they already have a huge following on youtube.

Can I expect to pay for This Product, Or Is it really Free?

The youtube hijack course is entirely free, then it will depend on the individual, if he/she wants to implement the more advanced techniques such as building a squeeze page, and again a squeeze page can and must be linked to an Email Autoresponder ($20/mo).

Then there is also the cost of hosting the autoresponder, which is also an additional $15,99/annually, so if this is all it takes to become a success I would sure as hell do it.

These all the additional cost you might incur if you choose to implement the entire course.

So What Do You Think Is This Course Worth It? (Final Verdict!)

According to me, back in my searching dayz this would have been gold, I would have implemented every single technique and wouldn’t have cared if it costs me anything.

However I know most people prefer a system that you don’t have to implement and re-implement each and every single year, so If you are looking for an automated system that includes all these things even hosting….CHECK OUT MY #1 RECOMMENDED PRODUCT HERE.


  1. Jeremy Hood

    I can’t believe Sarah offers so much information for free.

    I’m not sure about asking people to place my links on their video but I am definitely interested in learning more about youtube videos.

    I have a review blog that I think would benefit from video reviews.

    Thanks for this information on the YouTube Hijack program.

    • admin

      Hi Jeremy

      I agree this program beats most of the other “so-called” video marketing courses online, what I do like,is the fact that you sign up for free…so if you get uncomfortable, or feel that this type of product is not for you, you can easily opt-out of their Email list.

      However here’s my sincere advice to you give this program a chance, because I’m pretty sure that you will benefit a lot from is, since video marketing is your main focus, this should program should definitely lead you on the right path.

      Great talking to you, and I’m really glad I could be of help, until next time…Ciao! 🙂

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