Wix Website Hosting Review

Overall Ranking: 80 out of 100
Price: $0
$4,90 $9,90 $14,90 $19,90 per month (different price plans )
Owners: Unknown (Trust Issues arise)
Website: www.wix.com

What is Wix? I’m Going To Be Explaining All That In This Wix Website Hosting Review!

Wix is a website hosting company and platform, there a 4 different price plans to choose from should you decide to build and host your website on their platform. This wix website hosting review will be delving deeper into that and hopefully give you enough info to help you with your decision.

Don’t get me wrong wix is an okay web building platform, it has the connect a domain feature. This feature allows you to move/ and host your website on their server, for example, you can easily connect your domain to their company.

It is very cost effective, although there are other platforms that are much cheaper than this one, I’m choosing wix because of the quality of hosting it offers. I also liked the fact that it had a free trial.

All systems have their flaws wix is no different, the main problem I have with the wix connect a domain feature is that although you are paying for their service, you still find some ads on your site, which is a bit annoying. Wix altogether is a great platform.

Wix Has Two Very Affordable Options to choose from, This Is A Huge Advantage.

  • Wix is free to try, hence transparency from the onset.
  • Wix has a lot of different price plans tailored for people with different hosting expectations.
  • It is affordable.
  • You are never upselled to anything against your will.
  • There is also the $4,90 connect a domain feature
  • It’s a drag and drop framework, making it easy to use.

Now when your reading through this review, you might say that I’m probably wrong, and that wix is a very bad website builder…I’m not disputing that trust me, but I have to be honest  about my reviews or otherwise I’m just giving a biased review, without substantial proof.

Wix Has Had a Lot Of Flaws In The Past, I Can Affirm That!

  • Their sites are easily exploitable, since they use HTML5.
  • Their sites are not properly configured against SQL injections
  • Their private information is also leaked to the public.
  • Some of their plans are just plain ridiculous, in terms of the price they charge, after all, it’s just hosting.

These and among others are “just” the security flaws that you can get just for associating your domain with Wix. It might sound like good idea to get your website hosted on their platform if, because it’s quite cheap, however you are going to be compromising on security…it’s like basically inviting a hacker in!

This Wix Website Building Platform Is Great As A Website Builder Because It’s Easy To Use.

This website building platform may not offer stupendous or even great hosting, but when it comes to their drag and drop WYSIWYG platform, this website is awesome.

Wix is beginner friendly in that it works almost like wordpress, it has a lot of plugins, especially for a brand that is still on the rise. It is also very customizable.

If you don’t want to create content for your site wix can easily take care of that, and be optimized to search the web for content, which then rewrites the content to produce fresh new content for your site.

Then there is also the fact that there are plenty of videos to help you, since wix is very a very popular and widely used product, and also very professional.

Will They Offer Me Support?Yep

Say what you want, about wix, but if there is one thing that wix has to offer it’s customers is support, because, just on their website alone you can chat directly with  support and get in contact with them, just in case there might be  any =thing you don’t understand about their service.

They treat their customers with the same amount of respect, irrespective of the fact that they may be using their services as free or paid members, that level of support will always be there. That’s why I say that wix offers great support…well, that’s what I think.

Below Are Wix’s Different Price Plans

If there is something you don’t understand about their price plans don’t hesitate to ask, by leaving me a comment in the comment section.

I believe that wix prices speak for themselves, and there is nothing confusing about their pricing, no nasty surprises or anything like that, what you see is what you get.