What is Video Titan 3.0 About? Let Me Explain!

Product Name : Video Titan
Overall Ranking: 40 out of 100
Price: $25 (only video hosting upsell)
Owners: Chris and Ken
Website: www.videotitan.com

What Is It And What Can I expect? This Is A Question I Intend To Answer.

A lot of people ask me this question a lot of times, above all the other questions, so let me address this important question first “What is Video Titan 3.0 about”…well, video titan is focused specifically at video marketing, so this course is in the red area for me.

And what you can expect is a software that is designed to help people create videos that rank and to also build mini mediocre sites. This is a big downer because people want to be engaged, and although there might be some engagement on these mini-site, it’s merely because they are set up as Vlogs.

They forget that videos must also be coupled with quality content, in order to effectively engage the reader/potential prospect.

The Video Titan software works, I cannot refute that! It also has a smart feature that allows you to build custom landing pages that have videos embedded on them, which is okay!

There are a few more features, but don’t buy it just yet! Please read the entire review before making your decision, as there may be some flaws about their system, just read on…

What I found To Be Very Interesting About Video Titans.

The fact that video titans had a few bonuses from their affiliate network, these went in-depth about video marketing and how you can leverage it, however in PDF format.

There were 3 Bonus PDFs that I found very useful and informative, PDFs such as:

1.Facebook ADSthis is is pretty self-explanatory, it is focused on helping you achieve high video rankings using facebook ads.

2.Youtube SEOthis is solely focused on video, and how to get your videos ranking high and a long time on google.

3 .Youtube PPC– This is focused on monetizing your videos with relevant ads on your video, and get paid per click, which is a department I was not really excelling in, but you know I picked up a few techniques from that pdf.

For me the other PDFs were a bit outdated and really offered little to no value at all to me, but this may provide value to some people, but the other PDFs belong in the recycle bin on you PC.

There is another great feature that I forgot to mention, which is the easy video squeeze page builder, these are much more converting and may result in predictable sales.

What Are Some Of The Flaws With This Business Model??

  • The squeeze pages contain videos that are too salesey
  • The other bonuses that they offered were completely bogus.
  • You cannot host your own videos, this is a very sneaky and underhanded technique to feed off your traffic.
  • There members area was kind of omni-directional, you did not know what was “to” and what was “fro”.
  • Although video is absolutely crucial to affiliate marketing as the nail is to the finger, but having this 1 dimensional view on it, is what may probably be your undoing in the long run.

There is a lot of flaws with this business model, because the members area has a set of 5 videos that outline their system to you, but does not teach you how to navigate the site, which can be confusing for beginners.

If Your A Beginner This Is Definitely NOT For You…

At the very beginning of this we asked a very important question, which is…what is video titan 3.0 about? What video titan is, this is a software based video marketing course that (funnily enough) targets newbies, and leach off their traffic.

Expert affiliate marketers and some intermediate marketers are able to see through this sick and twisted plan, to take your money, and when you are making a lot of sales, they also get some of your traffic, and also some your commissions, which is highly unethical.

Don’t believe me? Why then do they not allow their affiliates to host their videos on a server of their choice? And also ask yourself this, is video titan 3.0 for you or not? The ball is in your court! Just choose wisely.

Did They Have Any Great Tools? 2 Or 3…And Here Is A Brief Description!

  • You will get Animation tools to make your videos much more eye-catching to your prospects.
  • You will also get a Squeeze Page Builder.
  • You will also get the Video Dynamite Software.
  • Tube Titan which is great for video keyword research.

These among a few other tools are included in your Video Titan, heck for $25 which kind of makes it seem like a solid business model, that is, until you understand how it operates. I do agree that for $25 Video Titan tops a lot of “make money online” opportunities including the more costly ones.

This Is My Advice To You…

Video Titan certainly has the potential to earn you some money, yes it does, but the model is too twisted and manipulated, how so? It allows the product creator to leech off other people’s hard work.

There are other online institutions that offer better services, and also does not steal traffic from their affiliates, in order to obtain a fat check at the end of the month.


What video Titan is doing ain’t exactly fair, but you know, a lot of people are just happy that it works and tend to overlook their obscure business practices…Thanks for reading this until the end, hope you enjoyed reading through this review.

Comment if you feel that I did not really make you understand what video titan is about, or maybe I did not leave enough evidence that constitutes it as a SCAM!

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