What is JvZoo Academy About?

Product Name: JVZoo Academy

Ranking: 75 out of 100

Price:  $27 lifetime front-end + 3 upsells.

Owner/s: Sam Bakker and Partners

HomePage: academy.jvzoo.com/thestrategy/

Verdict: Totally Legit


So, Who Is Sam Bakker? And What Is  Jvzoo Academy About?

Sam Bakker is a well known Jvzoo affiliate, product creator and coach and he has recently released an info product, which then leads to the question  what is  JVZoo academy about?, which also happens to be his product.

JVZoo academy is a training platform that is aimed at helping newbies learn how to earn money online, what I liked about this training in particular was the fact that it had a 30-day-money-back guarantee, and also his product is also endorsed by JVZoo, proving beyond any doubt that this system really works.

Sam Bakker also has some guest speakers from other product creators such as Michael Cheney of the Fan Page Money Method . Although Cheney’s product is not so great! Sam Bakker has learned how to make consistent income online over the past 4 years, and he has made more sales than anyone on JVZoo.

So in this review I’ll be attempting to answer this very critical question “What is JVzoo academy about”.


What Can I Expect After Purchasing My Lifetime Membership For $27?

Immediately after purchasing your JVZoo membership  you can expect :

  • A $197 one-time-offer upsell to JVZoo  Mastery + Software

Which allows you to access all the available JVZoo academy content without any limitations whatsoever, it also gives you access to unlimited coaching.

This is superb training that covers a lot of facets related to product creation, it even teaches you how to create membership sites.

  • A $97  2nd one-time-offer upsell to Masterclass + Software

This section includes a step-by-step pdf and video, this is to help you not to take a detour, it is also designed in such a way that it helps you to avoid shiny  object syndrome, by outlining the exact steps you need to follow and the task you need to perform each day in a chronological way.

  • A $197  3rd one-time-offer upsell for Coaching

Although I feel this is an unfair request, I mean why upsell people for caoching? That’s a bit unfair don’t you think? I mean, why create a product and then expect people to pay for coaching for the product you created, I mean, you created the product because you believed in it don’t you think? That’s logical right?

Anyways, this will allow you  to be mentored by Sam Bakker, and he’ll show the exact steps that he used to create a 4-5 figure daily income as an affiliate or as a  product creator, he’ll answer all  your “what is JVZoo academy about” questions , he’ll also show you teach you how to fast track your results and more…

How Can I Benefit From All This As An Affiliate? Is It Not For Product Creators?

This can benefit newbies, why? because Sam covers a lot of aspects related to both affiliate marketing and product creation, you will be able to learn things like:

  • Picking trending products that will amount to sales – create scalable campaigns
  • You will be taught the game plan – everything you need to create a profitable online business
  • You will get access to 3 basic steps with your traffic academy purchase, which are :

     Step 1: The System

This will cover the basics, such as step-by-step training that is used by Sam Bakker himself, and it will show you how you can profit from start profiting from JVZoo as soon as possible, in a matter of weeks, some take longer, but most start profiting within week of implementing this insanely cool technique.

Step 2: Selling Formula

This is where the content creation and audience are the order of the day, you will be focusing most of your efforts on this easy to implement step, this includes everything from setting up your autoresponder t collecting affiliate links.

Then from there you’ll be going over a few in order to make sure that you are prepared to start sending traffic to your offers.

Step 3:  Evergreen Commissions

This is the best part , traffic generation and split testing email campaigns, not only that but you’ll also see Sam Bakker’s campaign laid bare.

You will learn learn how to generate leads and sales consistently, these are all strategies you will be able to replicate and use in you own businesses.

This can works well for affiliates and also product creators, that’s not the only thing you will get benefit from this platform as a affiliate, you will also be able to download training guides and 4 Jam-packed webinars including monthly updates so that you have access to the most up to date training.

This is what you will get excluding bonuses!

So What Are The Bonuses? My Top 3 JVZoo Academy Bonuses!

I won’t lie JVZoo is one of the best training platform that I would highly recommend, why? Here’s why…The BONUSES…

Bonus #1 – WordPress Profit Doubler Software:

  • This software posts 120 relevant youtube videos straight to your website or blog
  • It can also be customized using your affiliate links
  • Auto generates video thumbnails

So I guess you can see why this bonus definitely takes the cake(@#1 ) for me…

Bonus #2 – WordPress Testimonials Pro

There is another bonus included with your membership, and this one is really my personal favorite, because it is useful many ways, read on…

  • It is fairly simple to deploy
  • You can use it to display testimonials about your product or services
  • Can be display relevant content such as product reviews
  • It is flexible
  • It has 10 built-in themes
  • You can customize the appearance of testimonials, and much more

That’s why this plugin made it  in my top 3 bonuses that you get when you purchase JVZoo Academy…


Bonus #3 – Wp Tube Monetizer:

This is one of barely made it to my top 3 but it is still a very great bonus, and this one is  useful in the following ways:

  • Place monetized videos on your site
  • create videos and monetize them from a centralized location(your site)
  • leverage high ranking videos to drive traffic to your site
  • only requires you to follow 3 simple steps

Like I said this one isn’t as impressive as the others, but i’m pretty sure that by now you see some value in this system.

My Final Take For All Your “what is jvzoo academy about?” Questions

JVZoo is a legit affiliate network, I mean It would be kind of risky for it to endorse a scammy or low quality product, and personally I have learned to respect JVZoo as an affiliate network it is starting to make ClickBank look bad, and I was a huge ClickBank fan.

Therefore my conclusion on the matter is that I would highly recommend JVZoo academy to anyone interesting in kickstarting his/her business as an affiliate marketer/product creator, because it is not paid on a monthly basis but once-off , the prices are reasonable and not too steep(including upsells). It also has great bonuses and  it is endorsed by JVZoo, doubly confirming that it is legit, kind of like the clickbank marketplace and clickbank university.

That’s why I would gladly recommend it, hope this answered your “what is JVzoo academy about?” question, and I hope it was informative and engaging, and remember to drop me a comment if you have any questions.

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