What Is Internet Wealth Biz? Beware!

Product Name: Internet Wealth Biz

Ranking: 10 out of 100

Owner/s: Brian Thompson

Price: $67, discounted frontend offer is $37 and a ton of upsells

Verdict: Scam

First things first, I’m asking you a question as someone reading this post, what is Internet wealth biz? , If you have any experience with it, just drop me a comment in the comments section below this post. However we must also look at this program very carefully before coming to any sort of conclusion, let’s make any conclusions until we look at it from all angles…

What makes Raised My Eyebrows About This Product? And probably Should Raise Yours Too…

This is a new make money online training platform for affiliate marketers, it is supposedly designed to help newbies make money online in just day of implementing, but I realized that there were a few flaw, what were they ? See the list below:

  • It promises you how much money you will make. Any affiliate marketer will tell you that the amount of money you make online, on a daily is never constant it differs each day, save re-subscription sales.
  • It gives you a lot of testimonials, which may mean that they are not real. – still skeptical? I’ll address it later, just read on…
  • When you are a member you are bombarded with email and offers that are supposedly going to help you earn more money – lies! it’s just another way to get more money out of you.
  • What else? Modified images to appear as though you will be able to make absurds amounts of money – I never trust such systems
  • They tell you that their tools are free, but when you sign up, you immediately hit a brick wall, requiring you to pull out your credit card

These are only but a few of the “issues surrounding internet wealth biz”, there is probably more , but me and you will only be focusing on the first three(3), at the beginning we asked a question, do you remember what it was? What is internet wealth biz?  I want you to keep that question in mind while we will be analyzing this  one by one.


How Money Can You Possibly Make From Internet Wealth Biz?

It cost $67 , and then they offer you a very high discount where you can get access to their system for a measly $37 which sounds reasonable, until you realize that you are buying virtually nothing, excuse the pun!

See the logic here is that you will buy their product, and then buy other supporting materials which will aid in your quest for online success, so the plan here is to set you up into that buying frenzy, by reducing the price on the frontend.

They don’t provide you with any definitive proof that their system works, they don’t even demonstrate their members area, I mean how bad does a product have to be? for one to resort to not even demonstrating it or even offering a trial? I ask you again what is internet wealth biz? we need to get to the bottom of this.

  1. You only buy but never profit
  2. It has too many upsells – almost seems like upsells are the product here.

Based on this observation, it seems like you are losing money instead of gaining it, meaning instead of a plus(+) in your wallet from all your efforts, you will end up with a dent(-) on your wallet, meaning your only losing money, never profiting, now I might not be an expert, but I think there is something completely wrong with that logic.


Testimonials, The Truth Is In The Pudding Right?

I  don’t think so, see there are a lot of ways a person can get testimonials and there is no definitive proof to prove if whether or not what he or she is saying is the truth, you can even head out to fiverr.com, and in the search at in the top left corner of their website, just type “Website testimonials” and you’ll see that people are selling this as a service for $5 or more, but it starts at $5!

In the highly unlikely case that the testimonials are not fake, it would mean that the people involved would have to be in on it to or have something to gain.

Offers That Are Supposed To Earn You More Money

This is what propelled me to ask the question what is internet wealth biz? Because immediately after joining you will be emailed an offer after 3 days of purchase to buy another system that is supposedly designed to help you make more money and getting more traffic.

And then upselled to another system that will make it easier for you to create squeeze page, and the you are going to have to pay for an autoresonder.

I do not Recommend this product To Anyone…

Everything about this product screams scam, it is also really unrealistic, and provides a lot of testimonials, which in themselves will make you wonder, and then there is also the constant upsells, “you have to buy this and that” just so  it works.

It is incomplete and does not provide you with hosting and SSL ceritficate , the people involved do not have support, heck, they don’t even mention kind of support you will receive on their site, that’s because it’s not there.

My sincere advice to you, is to stay clear of this product, at any cost. Now let us deliberate:

  • you lose more and even more money
  • No access to their “free” tools until you pay
  • Bold and unrealistic income claims
  • Fiverr video testimonials
  • And no autoresponder

You decide! I would also like to add to add, what sort of business does not include the cost of an autoresponder on their membership costs, they can at least offer it as an upsell, just immediately when you buy their product, but nooo, on this one you will have to pay for it later as you go through the training , not to mention getting bombarded with promotional email.

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