What Is Ez Web Business Builder 2? Who Is It For?

Product Name : Ez Web Business Builder 2

Price: $14,95/Once-off decreased from $27

Owner/s: Jim Daniels

Homepage: ezwebbusinessbuilder2.com

Verdict: 60 out of 100 – not bad at all


What Is Ez Web Business Builder 2? This Is The Main Question! And A Bit Of History About Jim…

Ez web business builder 2 is a clickbank product owned by Jim Daniels, it is a training platform, aimed at those people that are interested in making a full-time income online, it covers a lot of affiliate marketing techniques and strategies, and it is very thorough!

What I specifically liked was that it was a well-structured training platform, which is divided into different modules, modules which I will be dwelling into later on in this review, this will address the main questions posted at the beginning of this review which is : “what is ez web business builder 2? and who is it for?”.

Well what is it? It is a product founded by Jim Daniels who is a very experienced affiliate marketer, and he’s been making a full-time income from his online businesses, and has been doing so since 1996, which is a pretty long time, considering that the internet was still in its infancy.

So can you trust him? Obviously, the truth is in the pudding! he has been making a full time income online since I was 3 years old, do you think you can trust him? Just throwing it out there! 🙂

He also created his first online product online product the same year, it was called biz web 2000, and then he launched the ez web business builder in 2005, prior to ez web business builder 2, and he has gained a lot of followers subscribers and he has also sold a lot of copies on the clickbank market and is a very legitimate business man.


What Does this Training Platform Entail And What Can I Expect To Receive?

This is a very good question, ez web business builder 2 is a step-by-step training paltform that is aimed at helping ordinary people build an online business, with a limited budget, it is also for those people that just want to test the waters by starting an online business.

The following is what a person can expect when they purchase ez web business builder 2, they will get:

  • A 163 pdf guide that contains all the things you need to about building an online businesses
  • Access to 7 Video modules with over a 100 videos
  • Niche research training, which is often overlooked by gurus
  • Traffic generation videos which will show you how to put your offer right in front of your market
  • They will also learn outsourcing other tasks such as content creation, video backlinks etc

You Will Also Get Access to Other Methods For getting more traffic Such As :

  • paid traffic
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Building a squeeze page
  • How to create a funnel that converts sing your site content
  • Affiliate Networks and Apps that Jim uses himself.

These are among the few of the thing that you can expect with your ez web business builder 2 membership, and there’s more I’m only focusing on these few, I have not even covered all the video modules, because time would fail me if I attempted to.


What makes Ez Web Business Builder 2 The Perfect Business For Me As A Beginner?

This is the part where the pdf breakdown become very  important and I’ll personally be breaking it down for you, and why it is so important for you to understand it..it consists of different modules and has corresponding videos, which makes the and they are layed out as follows:

Chapter 1: Niche Research

This is the part of the module where you are taught how search for products that people are looking for online, this is a very step to every online business, and Jim makes the training easy to follow, and focuses a lot on this particular subject because it lays the foundation for the rest of your affiliate marketing endeavors and efforts.

Chapter 2: Resources You Need to Get Started

This is more google orientated, as it focus on the different algorithms that google uses to rank your site, and how you can use this information to your advantage so that you can rank high in the search  engines.

This will give you a competitive edge over other sites that are ranking for the same keyword.

Chapter 3: Monetizing your site

This is where Jim really dwells into the heart of the business, which is of course monetization, Jim will show you 10 different way you can monetize your site, and how these can benefit you in the long run.

Chapter 4 : Traffic Generation

What is ez web business builder 2 without traffic? This is the part of  the course where most people want to really focus and make the most of what the Jim has to offer to them, in terms of SEO, paid traffic social media , video marketing, basically most facets of traffic generation save dropshipping.

There are other methods included too! this is basically the best part of the course, where you just get to focus on scaling your online business.

Chapter 5 : Outsourcing

This part is pretty self-explanatory, this is where you will be taught how to delegate some of the tasks to experts, well of course , that is if you have some extra money to spend, you do not have to do it, it is optional, and outsourcing does not always guarantee results.

Chapter 6 :  Action Guide

This is the most thorough  part of the training, because it is sort of like an actual action plan, lol and yeah, the same one you draft along with a business plan, but with a different view…it’s affiliate marketing orientated, this part will be a week-by-week type of schedule, like the thing you have to do by the end of the week.

What I also liked was the fact that Jim created an app for simplifying most of the tasks, allowing you to perform some of them from your phone.

Chapter 7: Mindset And Motivation

This is the part where Jim will put things in perspective for you, so that you can have the right mindset for building a long-term profitable online business, this is where he will indirectly help you set up achievable goals, and also instill in you the right mindset.

Most people think that building an online is easy, and others tend to expect instant commissions ,  Jim clears that up in this module, it may be a hard pill to swallow at the time, but believe me this is a great course for noobs especially.

This is good motivation especially for beginners and it makes ez web business builder 2 the perfect system for people that are just starting out online.


My Final Thoughts on Ez Web Business Builder?

This is an Okay product, which teaches nothing new to seasoned affiliate marketers, but it can teach quite a lot to beginners and intermediate affiliate marketers.

The only chapter that most seasoned affiliate marketers can benefit from is the 7th chapter which focuses on motivation, sometimes even seasoned need some motivation here and there when some of their campaigns are not performing well.

My verdict is: Ez web business builder 2 is a legit program, but caters to beginner and intermediate affiliate marketing groups, it is also cost-effective(affordable). It offers little to seasoned affiliate marketers.

That’s why I recommend this product!


  1. Abdusalam

    Hi Khanya.

    Thank you for your thorough review of Ez Web Builder. As a ‘newbie’ to affiliate marketing I found ti very helpful. Even from your review I have gained valuable tips.

    I have a question though, how does Ez Web Builder compare to other similar products out there, for example Wealthy Affiliate. Can EZ Web Builder complement such products or is it a totally different approach.

    I would love to learn more so I am looking forward to more of your articles.

    Enjoy the journey 🙂


    • admin

      Hi Abdusalam

      It cannot really teach you anything new if you know the basics of affiliate marketing, especially the most important aspects such as internal linking, building  a website, but what I didn’t like, however, was the fact that it does not teach you how to create dropdown menus.

      People are no longer just looking for content, they are looking for convenience dropdown menus provide this, it makes information more readily available to the people.

      What I liked was the fact that their traffic generation section, it really had a lot to offer, in terms of video marketing and paid traffic.

      I Don’t really think it can complement wealthy affiliate, because it is a complete system on it’s own, but it can be used as sort of back to the basics kind of training platforms, if there were some aspects of affiliate marketing  you weren’t really good at, and would like to refine them

  2. Jacob Schilling

    Thank you for this informative review. While it appears to provide value, I bet that this program will become outdated fast. That is why places like wealthy affiliate strive in the business of training. It is always updated and teaches you the ins and outs of affiliate marketing within almost any category of affiliate marketing.

    • admin

      Hi Jacob

      Great hearing from you again, I think so too, because with the latest penguin update, it is really becoming harder and harder to rank on Google.

      What I like about wealthy affiliate is the fact that they keep you up to date with these occurrences/events , before they even take place, so it does not only teach you the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, it also teaches you how to solidify your place on the search engines,  and maintain your status.

      -Hope this was helpful, and thanks again.

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