What Is Exactly Is A Traffic Travis Keyword Tool?

Overall Ranking: 75 out of 100
Price: $97/year and $1 trial version and $0 Free Version
Owner/s: Mark Ling
Website: www.traffictravis.com

What Is Traffic Travis? Who Designed It?

Traffic Travis is a free keyword tool designed by Mark Ling, this keyword tool was actually created with the sole purpose of helping members going through the affiliorama training course with their keyword research.

Although I have gone through the the affilorama training and was quite pleased with it, I must also say that this keyword tool was and the highlight of my time when I was still undergoing my affiliate marketing training at affilorama.

Traffic Travis has a few extra features like being able to download the software to your desktop, making it easily accessible to the user of the software, but there are also some design flaws that I found.

Keyword Research Is Very Important for Every Affiliate Marketer. Mark Ling Understands This!

  • This Keyword Tool is free to try.
  • It has extra features such as, backlink assessment, page authority and it also shows you which keywords get you the most traffic.
  • It also shows you results about your competitors, hence giving you an edge over your competition.
  • The is also another feature that shows you how many visits and pageviews your website gets.
  • It also helps you with other things like, your website errors, all these features are incorporated into a single software.
  • Training for this software is readily available for anyone.

This software has plenty of features I know of, I have told you of some of them, but not all them. This software is also used by over 250 000 webmasters, now I can lie, but the numbers DO NOT LIE.

What Were Some Of The Design Flaws That I Discovered When I was Using This Software.

  • The Very first thing is that it is not compatible with other operating systems like Ubuntu (I use Ubuntu, so I would know.
  • When you purchase This software, you are subtly upsold to Affilorama Premium, now although the first month is free the other months are NOT.

Of all the keyword tools this is by far the 2nd best keyword tool, I’ve ever utilised, if this keyword tool was supported on other operating systems such as Ubuntu, It might have received over 80, even 90 easily!  but because these two reasons, it lost some points.

This Tool Is Made Specifically For Affiliate Marketers and Webmasters.

Traffic Travis was made with the beginner, because usually a lot of people that need to do Keyword Research are trying to build an online business, or at the early stages of their business, however this software is not limited in usability.

This Keyword Tool and seo software is also flexible in that it can accommodates affiliate marketers at all levels…you may be a beginner, intermediate and even an advanced affiliate marketer.

This Seo software does pack a mean punch, and it is also very good for educational purposes. Basically this tool can accommodate anyone that wants to build a website or an online business,haha it’s deep like that.

 There Is A Lot Of Training  That Comes With This Tool.

This Seo software/tool has a lot of training attached to it, in that a person can simply go to Affilorama and sign up with them for a free account and get really decent training in respect to this software.

A lot of people may find creating an account to be a bit of a drag, so some people can just go directly to google and type it in. They will find plenty of videos on youtube, showing you how to use this software and everything.

Does Mark Ling Offer Support For This Software.

This software is great, but the is another keyword tool that can do a better, like Jaaxy (read my Jaaxy review here). Anyways back to the support on this product, I would say that Mark Ling does offer support, but it’s the same type of support you can expect to receive from aFFilorama.

I might be sounding very biased right now, but I’m really not…I’m merely stating facts. It’s true that  the amount of support offered at affilorama is Okay But Not Great, but how much support would want for a seo software?

I also like the fact that Mark Ling has the best interest of his clients at heart.



This Product’s Price points are Plain and straight-forward.

Traffic Travis has a $0 free version which  has limited functionality, like you can’t do other things like spying on the competition, I don’t think that, that’s necessary.

Then there is also the $1 trial, which unlocks some of it’s powerful features for 30 days, the best part is that you can  use it without any limitations during this time.

Then there is the $97 pro version which has no limited functionality, with “ALL” features unlocked, it can be used without limitations or restrictions.

Although I must give Traffic Travis credit, it’s one of the best keyword tools/seo software I have ever used,  there are other keyword tools that can do the job just as well. In fact Traffic Travis is the 2nd best Keyword Tool I have ever used…

As always guys, don’t forget to comment and share, would like to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Great review on this Traffic Travis. Its flaws and the price are kind of minor, but it sounds like it offer some features that you can get elsewhere for free.

    Google Analytics can tell you how many visits and page views your website gets…and you do not have to pay for it.

    What do you think of Traffic Travis price compared to Jaaxy?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Udoh

      I must say that although I agree with you, that Google webmaster tools is a great and also free. There are some nice features that I liked about Traffic Travis, like the fact that you can spy on your competition and the fact that there is a plethora of training available on this keyword tool in particular.

      Then there is Jaaxy, which is my personal favorite keyword tool because it offers quality keywords and is also great for ppc campaigns. considering the fact that Jaaxy only costs $19/ mo and is also compatible with a lot of OSes if not all of them. It is a hard one between the two, because I prefer to use them simultaneously.

      However considering the prices and what the two products have to offer I would go with Jaaxy, because it is affordable, user-friendly and free to try…It also has no bugs, which really makes a force to be reckoned with.

      I hope this answered your question and hopefully pointed you in the right direction, in regards to your affiliate marketing endeavors.



  2. Dominic

    Hi Khanya

    Really interesting review, I’m a windows user so the fact that it doesn’t run on Ubuntu is not really a big issue for me. My concern is do you have to join Affilorama in order to use the product, you mention that they up sell you a membership in the purchase price Do you have to then go and opt out after the trial period at Affilorama so that you don’t get charged or following months?

    Thanks Again


    • admin

      Hi Dominic

      You can opt-out of the upsell anytime, it’s actually push button simple push button simple, however I feel that it’s rather unfair to upsell people to something they did not opt-in for don’t you think?

      Although I respect Mark Ling as a product creator, it wasn’t a great idea to upsell people to something that is irrelevant to what the customer is purchasing, anyways I’m just saying.

      I will say this in closing though, that Traffic Travis is a helluva a product…I’ll commend Mark Ling on that department.

  3. Neil

    I had use Traffic Travis in the past when I first started out in affiliate marketing, and the keyword tool had some good features.

    I can still see that Traffic Travis provides value for bloggers, and I like the fact that it’s beginner friendly. 🙂

    However, Jaaxy is a new keyword tool for me, so I’m gonna have to check out your #1 keyword tool recommendation.


    • admin

      Hi Again Neil

      I agree Traffic Travis is a great product, but it doesn’t compare to Jaaxy in a lot of ways, because jaaxy is architecturally neutral.

      And also a lot more affordable…and very easy to use and understand, even a 5th grader can understand it…And you are also right in choosing jaaxy…I recommend it above all the other keywords I’ve used.

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