What Is Digital Altitude About?

Overall Ranking: 40 out of 100 (based on success rate)
Price: $1 /7 days trial then $37 front-end offer + multiple top-tier upsells
Owners: Michael Force
Website: www.digitalaltitude.com

What Is Digital Altitude About? And Who Is Michael Force?

In this Review I will try to answer a question that most affiliate marketers have been recently asking…What is digital altitude about? A lot of people have been asking this question on forums, and it is with this sole intention that I wrote this review.

Digital Altitude is a product developed by Michael Force, which is sort of a spin from the famous online/offline scam MTTB, a lot of people might even find this hard to believe, I know I didn’t believe it myself.

Who Is Michael Force then?Has he ever been affiliated with any scams of late of ever? The answer to that question is simply thus, Michael Force was a leader in the My Top-Tier Business he was a coach in Empower Network an MLM company and HE was also affiliated with SFM (Six Figure Mentors).

These are but just a few of the scams that Mr Force was involved in, these few factors alone are enough to make to you start to question, whether or not to trust him to create a high quality product that will give you your money’s worth or will it just be another fluke, to extort money from you and run as fast as possible?

Do YOU trust him? Remember that, this is a man of questionable character!

Is Digital Altitude a Good Product?

Unfortunately no, because Digital Altitude uses spun content from all these previous scams, and incorporates all these outdated techniques into a single training platform, I know that this may sound completely unrealistic, but bear with me.

There are  other things that make me say that Digital Altitude is Not a good product , because the are other factors to consider like their price points, it has very complicated price points.

There is also the fact that the training is outdated, there is a lot of hype, like screenshots of the amount of money other affiliates are making, if they knew their product was legit they wouldn’t be trying so hard to sell their product to you.

They would simply focus on pointing you to the right direction and then you’ll decide for yourself whether or not the product is for you, but they know human nature, and how everybody would like to make a decent amount of income each month from their website.

Therefore they use these screenshots as a mechanism to indoctrinate you into believing that their system works.

How Much Can I expect To Pay For This Product?

Digital altitude has a lot of upsells, which can be quite annoying considering the fact that, the don’t tell you the real price of their product!

Here is how their upsells are structure and their multiple upsells.

They have a $1 for 14 days trial to their ASPIRE video lessons and then $34/mo thereafter, there is also the $67/mo if you wish, there’s more…wait for it.

Then there is the BASE Option which costs about $597 which can purchase the Wealthy Affiliate yearly membership with some change to spare.

Then there is RISE which costs about $1 997, it is focused on expounding on the Base option.

Then there is the ASCEND option which costs $9 997 for a 3 days retreat in Las Vegas this is also an insane theory, because with Wealthy Affiliate when you make 300 hundred sales you room is booked for you in Vegas, instead of paying such insane amounts of cash.

There is also the PEAK option which costs about $16 997 is also a retreat, only twist is that it lasts for 5 days.

There is also the APEX option which costs $27 997 which is another retreat where they supposedly teach how to invest your money.

My Final Thoughts On Digital Altitude

These are the number of upsells you can expect from this single product, and yes that product is Digital Altitude…There are insane upsells, ad if you are like me, you probably hate  upsells as much as I do, probably more! So my sincere advice to you is…if you want to generate real online commissions without having a single product, solely from marketing other people’s products, here’s your fighting chance.

And by the way this is not Digital altitude, and I also won’t make any estimations to how much you can make, but I can tell you this, I’m giving offering you all the tools you need to build a successful business…The name of the product is wealthy affiliate, it is completely free to try, so just take action, and if you don’t like it, just close your account it’s that simple.



  1. Norman

    Hello and thanks for sharing, this is the first time that I have heard of this system or this man, But I am not new about hearing so much about online scams. Even though the internet has a lot of good that is going on the same is true about online scams and because of his many people shy away from this kind of business. Now I hear you talk about this man and the scams that he was involved with at one time and some of the methods that he use and the pricing, even though this may same to be a good product, people may still shy away from it, i don’t think that I would have much trust in this man or the system that he is offering wit its many promises.

    • admin

      Hi Norman

      Great to hear from you again Norman.Watch out for Michael Force indeed, I saw that his latest product was just spun content from his previous scams.

      So what he did was pretty clever, because he squashed all his former training into a single system, and then changed the background color and theme, so that you may not recognize that he’s using duplicate content on his site…This was pretty smart, but clearly no smart enough.

      Hope That This review was helpful and that this comment will also add some value to what you have learned here already.

      And I would also like to tell you that nothing good in life ever comes easy, and I’m sure you know that by now, with you being a lot older than me and all…So know that when an online product is not free to try and bombards you with screenshots of large affiliate sales, and claiming that you can make this much money in this space of time…it’s usually a scam so please don’t fall for it.


  2. Neil

    I joined Digital Altitude at the $37 level and I’m so glad I didn’t go any further with the program after a few weeks because it’s simply a high-ticket scam. The training it provides, you can find elsewhere on the web at a fraction of the cost.

    What really annoyed me with Michael Force’s scam program is that when I came to get a refund of my $37, I received no support from the help desk (despite sending 2 emails), my coach took too long in responding to me on Facebook with help, and even then, he then redirected me to his “assistant” coach just to ask for a cancellation form lol. Aspire Digital Altitude is pathetic! Because they had me chasing my tail, I missed the deadline for a refund.I had no apology from anyone!!

    Michael Force: “You’re a scam artist!” and I hope anyone reading this review has the common sense not to join Digital Altitude.

    I think your rank of 40/100 is far too kind to ADA lol.


    • admin

      Hi Neil

      I feel you, and I also like how you are unapologetic about the entire thing, because what he’s doing is certainly not right.

      This is why I give everybody the chance to speak and voice their opinion, in this case…write them down. I also do not like what he’s doing to people.

  3. Nick

    I can’t stand these kind of up-sell schemes where they get you in the door with a low dollar entry fee, but you can’t get any of the real training unless you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars.

    I’ve seen it before, and it looks like Digital Altitude is no different from it. But I guess that’s what you get when the guy running it is of questionable character. I mean, if he was involved in shady business dealings before, then why wound’t he still be doing things like that, right?

    • admin

      Hi Nick

      I must say, that I totally agree with you. Digital altitude “had” the potential to be a great business opportunity, but I realized that it’s no different from the My Top Tier Business(MTTB). They are just marketing it in a different way.

      And I must also agree that Michael Force has had some shady dealings before, but selling spun content from MTTB is just plain ridiculous and obvious.

      Great hearing from you Nick.

      Thanks again for dropping me a comment.

  4. Jacob Schilling

    The problem with programs like digital attitude is that they teach you to buy the training, and the training trains you how to sell the training, to get others to buy the training, and well…its an endless cycle. Wealthy Affiliate truly is one of the best places around to learn all of the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. It changed my life, it’ll change yours too!

    • admin

      Hi Jacob

      It’s like you read my mind, see that’s exactly the problem with digital altitude, it has quite a lot of flaws that definitely scream out scam, and considering that MTTB has scammed so many innocent people in the past will make people even more skeptical to buy such a product.

      Considering all the things Michael Force has been involved in , in the past few years,  puts people promoting any of his products at a very great disadvantage , so joining such a program will only contribute to you expenses and not one’s equity.

      True everyone has expense, but this is really unnecessary, it’s like getting involved in an MLM program no one is willing to buy, only the top 1% of such a setup earn the most while the little guys get squashed, it’s a pretty vicious cycle!

      Thanks for mentioning wealthy affiliate , it has really leveled the playing field for anyone willing to learn and apply what he/she is being taught, it’s that simple, you don’t even need experience,  now that’s a system I can work with!

      Gr8 hearing frm u Jacob!


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