What Is A Lead System Network? It’s A Scam!

Overall Ranking: 41 out of 100
Price: $30 + Multiple Upsells
Owners: Clint and Ashley Aragona
Website: www.lsn.com

What Is A Lead System Network? Is It A Scam? And Why Do I Say That?

Lead system network is a big scam! What is “a lead system network” anyway? This is a “supposed” affiliate marketing suite developed and created by Clint, they claim that you can probably make millions online in just a short period of time.

Although while making a million online is a possibility, but it will take time because a million cannot be accumulated in just 6 months, it takes years of hard work.

This program itself costs quite a lot, there are also ridiculous upsells and systematic manipulation techniques that are designed to help Clint and Ashley make more money off their affiliates, that are just plain unethical!

Why I say it’s a scam is the fact that a person can only withdraw once at each and every level. This is wrong, because it means the fees that are accumulated after your withdrawal are forfeited…but to whom though? I think You got the point.

Can Anyone Say Anything Good about this Product? Sure, I guess…

This platform offers a lot of different affiliate tools.

  • The Front-End offer is low
  • When you are at the “Tool Suite Level” you get a 100% of the commission on every sale.
  • They offer different membership levels(this can be a good thing or a bad thing.
  • These are honestly the only good things that can be said about this training platforrm (I don’t even know how to call it)…If you have read some of my posts you’ll see that they are very fair and totally unbiased

I will Not only focus on the negative but on all the aspects of their site as a business and whether or not they practice ethical business practices and do not exploit their prospects and affiliates.

Why Do I Say That LSN Is A Scam? It’s An MLN Platform!

  • If you remember properly at the beginning of this post we asked: “what is a lead system network”? and now here’s where the Lead System Network start to reveal their true character, and also what drives them to offer these people so many tools for $30.

  • You have to pay the monthly affiliate fee of $19.99 on top of the $30 adding up to $49.99 from the initial agreed upon price of $30.
  • This is a Multi Level Network, that is systematically setup to benefit the guys at the top.
  • They offer outdated training.
  • The members hardly interact with one another.
  • Poor support from the owner.
  • They offer no keyword tool on their platform.
  • Their system is slow and buggy…

These are not the only flaws on their site; there are more, I’m only focusing on these very serious and fundamental few that they should at least have gotten right.

This Is a Product That Proved To Be Quite Useless To A Significant Number Of People!

This “System” is it okay if I call it a system? OK! Is not for everybody, I know it wasn’t for me, now why do I say that?

The issue with not being straight-forward from the onset with people, is that when you begin to pull the rug under them with multiple upsells and begin getting into the habit of the “BUY THIS, BUY THIS, BUY THIS BUY THIS” syndrome with your prospects, that will eventually make them lose interest.

Advanced Marketers don’t even have enough Email Campaigns to cover so many upsells, and they also don’t want to lose their subscribers…And Yes! they want to make sales but they also want to keep their subscribers.

So basically what I’m saying is that this product is NOT RECOMMENDED, because a lot of people have failed using this system.

The Mediocre Tools That LSN Offers Their Prospects

Below are the list of tools that LSN is offering their affiliates who purchase their $30 Tool Suite:

  • Custom Voice Auto Responder
  • Custom Email Auto Responders
  • Custom Text Auto Responder
  • Social Media Invitation sender
  • Custom Lead Capture Pages
  • Live Chat
  • Website Creator
  • Pro Marketing University

And a host of other poorly produced tool, which are not going to be beneficial to you in the long run, the trick with this system is that they entice people with this slogan of “100% commissions a 100% of the time”. Which is only true at the $30 level, or rather $49.

This site offers little to no support at all and I must say for their insane upsells one would certainly expect better support, wouldn’t you agree? But surprise, surprise, they don’t even have the decency to care! 🙁

So How Many Upsells Are There Exactly?

There is the $30/mo initial price for their “Tool Suite” and then a $19.99/mo affiliate upsell, which is understandable, and then comes other things on the horizon when you want to scale up your earnings.

There is also the $130/mo Entrepreneur Suite upsell which includes about the same kind of tools and some extras, which I don’t have time to delve into, but your welcome to ask in the comments section.

Then there is the Master Distributor License which costs $1000 once-off and another $99 annual fee…As Though that’s not enough there is something else you have to achieve in order to be promoted to Diamond Master Distributor.

The person that wants to achieve this must have at least 9 affiliates who have paid their ridiculous $1000 Master Distributor License.




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