What is A Google Traffic Estimator Tool? Is There Such A Thing?

I have heard some very strange keywords in my life, words like “infantisular, Fortisrumpulate, apprevassuron and even Rebeltraffication”, but a google traffic estimator tool is one of the weirdest words I’ve ever heard in my life.


So enough with the technical stuff, I know of real keywords, such as a traffic density analyzer tool, keyword tool and a host of great keywords you can easily rank for in google.

There is also a google keyword tool, which I will personally used a couple of times, when it was free…The google keyword tool was one of the greatest keyword tools I’ve ever used when it was still free. Alas that it now costs money.

Most of Google’s Tools Are Free, but Why does this One Cost Money.

This tool is great because the keywords it produces are of great and very high quality, but there are other tools that can do the job just as great and for a fraction of the price. Why google started selling their keyword tool is still a mystery to a lot of people.

This keyword tool costs money because unlike google adwords it produces precise keywords that can be used for videos, websites and also ppc campaigns. Still this keyword tool is not really worth the insane price that it charges, I mean $68/per month is just plain ridiculous.

When google launched this keyword tool it lost sight of helping people earn money online but focused more on making money…I guess you can say they lost their vision, of wanting to help people earn money online.

PRICE…Google Keyword tool vs Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

This keyword tool juxtaposed to jaaxy, which has about the same features. Jaaxy has 3 main premium options


  • The FREE option which costs $0
  • The PRO option which cost $19/mo
  • And the ENTERPRISE option which costs $49/mo

These are the three different price points offered by Kyle and Carson for this great keyword tool, which has the same features as the google keyword tool, Jaaxy  offers 30 free searches which let’s you test drive their tool for free…and then you can decide for yourself.

Then comes the Google Keyword tool’s price points. Which also has 3 main price points, which are:


  • The Pro Lite option which cost $48
  • The Pro Basic option which costs $68
  • And the Pro Plus option which costs $88

These are google’s keyword tool price points, and between the two keyword tools a person can decide for themselves which is the better option. I have personally used the two keyword tools…The best for me so far I must say that it was NOT the google Keyword tool.

I know that some people may disagree, If you agree leave me a comment below, and If you disagree, tell me why, by also dropping me a comment and presenting your case…DEAL? DEAL!!