What Exactly is Clickfunnels?

Well, in this clickfunnels review I’ll be putting everything into perspective…

Product Name: Clickfunnels

Overall Ranking: 88 out of 100

Owner/s: Russell Brunson

​Price: $0(for affiliates), $97, $297 and a 14-day- free-trial

Website: Affiliate Bootcamp , Marketplace


A little Background about clickfunnels…

This is a product owned by Russell Brunson, who is an excellent affiliate marketer, and also a respected business man, this product was launched 2 years ago.

What is Clickfunnels?

It’s a  product that is designed to incorporates several aspects of online marketing into one, as it offers, important features such as importing lists, an autoresponder, a squeeze page creator, and also like the name says a funnel designer.

This product is actually quite revolutionary, and it is a very useful for any inexperienced affiliate marketer, or any existing online business, they also offer a wide range of features that make this platform the best in the “building funnels online” business.

And there are other factors, like the fact that when you sign up with them, they will send you a free T-shirt and also their “100 cars giveaway competition”. For any affiliate that sells over 100 sales, clickfunnels will pay $500/mo on your lease on any car of your choice, and if you make more than 200 sales , they will pay $1000/mo.

They also have plenty of tools and different price points, which I’ll get into just now, and their affiliate bootcamp also uses some very decent ways of driving traffic to your offers, I won’t lie…I also like their motto: “Retire in a 100 days”, the concept behind this is very realistic, totally sound and  achievable.

So the idea is, you sell join their affiliate bootcamp, using the 14-day-trial membership and they give you access to all the tools you need to get you online business up and running as soon as you can. Then all you have to do is just get 1 person to sign up to clickfunnels for free, and then keep doing that for a 100 days, and assuming that all will be satisfied with the results(which is highly likely), you will eventually be able to make close to $4000/mo.

Now although I’m usually skeptical when product owners make assumptions about how much you can actually make, this one is pretty reasonable and they show you exactly how to do that on the affiliate bootcamp.

It also has 2 main price points, which are as follows:

>> The basic package which cost $97/mo

>>And then there’s the Etison Suite which costs $297/mo

And there is also the actionetics package which is very helpful for marketers and anyone looking to get his/her offer in front of people’s eyes.


There are a lot of opportunities in utilizing clickfunnels! Here’s why…

Although I’m usually the one to warn you against products that over-promise and under-deliver, I myself am shocked to say that their free bootcamp exceeded my expectations, as it not only offers you an arsenal of tools to use, but also ways to start getting leads, and how to convert those leads into buyers.

  • It also has a 14-day trial, which will help in terms if conversions.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It automates routine boring tasks, such as constantly sending out emails to your leads and buyers.
  • There is also the fact that you can build squeeze pages using this system.
  • And if you are a bit short of traffic clickfunnels can help you out in this department also,  by simply following their training
  • They teach you how to become a super affiliate, and how to structure your offers in a non-intrusive way.
  • They have a facebook group for people to share their success stories.
  • It is a proven  platform that still works, it is also the most up-to-date site, as it was only launched, making their training very relevant.
  • And it has also paid its affiliates over $160, 000, 412 in affiliate commissions.

You will also get a pdf version of the lesson, before you complete them, so that you have an idea of what is expected everyday, and it also shaves off the daunting task of having to build a website, although this system would work better if you already website that is getting some traffic, as it would really lay a strong foundation for your online business…although it would mean that you will have to purchase some traffic from facebook(recommended platform)


The truth Although this platform has plenty  of tools that can be used to scale or build a business from scratch , it also has a few downsides, which are…

  • It does not teach you how to build a website, but rather a landing page, which is acceptable on the facebook’s   terms of use services policy page.
  • It also teaches you how to get  paid traffic on facebook.
  • The packages  are  very expensive.

The starter package only allows you to get a maximum of 20000 visitors, which may also have an impact on your earnings, can you imagine what would happen if you got just 40000 visitors, it means you would be losing the same number of visitors, and potential buyers.


What sort of tools does clickfunnels offer on each of their membership

1) $97 Startup/Basic membership

There is the basic start up funnel which costs $97 it offers you 3 domains, and a visitor maximum of 20000 visitors, to your landing/squeeze/or email opt-in page.

There are other factors such as  the fact that this membership does not come with an autoresponder, actionectics and backpack are not included…this makes it a bit of a downer.

Actionetics: is especially useful in getting the automation of your online business, this includes thing like email updates, an autoresponder, and other related tasks that would need you to repeatedly do them manually, this is what actionectics is for.

Backpack: This can be used by product creators, or anyone that has a product they would like to get affiliates for.In order to maximize their earnings.

2) And there is the ETISON SUITE

This includes all the tools including actionetics and backpack all in one, it also includes

  • Automated email sequence
  • It’s very mobile-friendly
  • It also includes, a split testing software to help optimize your  campaigns
  • Landing page creator
  • You can also build steps of the order in which you want your orders to appear.

It has a lot more features than all the others, and they are also included within the  Etison Suite, that’s why this is why I think this product is so effective and effecient.


Does Clickfunnels It offer enough support?

This is the only place for me, where clickfunnels really didn’t try, because although most of the things they offered were solid and build on solid business principles…I think that a weekly questions and answers session is not bad, but I would prefer it a lot better if I could get answers when I need them.

However not altogether bad as they also offer other type of support such as a facebook group for their affiliate and and also email support, if you have any question about their products and services.


My final thoughts on Clickfunnels

I think this is a great platform for all business people, and what I learned is that this platform has really helped a lot of people and has only been on the internet marketing space for a little over two years and already it has already paid over $160, 000, 412 to their affiliates.

So I think that this product is very reputable and that it deserves a very decent score. For me clickfunnels is definitely:



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