Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic!

Why should I increase website traffic? 

This is probably the very first question that most people ask, before they venture into affiliate marketing, or just trying to build an online business in general…how can I get traffic?

I believe that this is a very important question, because once you start getting traffic to your website you have an online business, there is also another important question that webmasters constantly ask themselves, which is: what are ways to increase your website traffic…

I know, I have asked that question countless number of times, and I’ m still asking myself that question up to this day.

So what can I do to increase my website traffic? What can I use?

1.Social media

Social media is really easy to understand as most people have utiliized a social media platfrom, this can be a powerful thing especially if you take the time to reinvest most of your effort on social media advertising instead of just leveraging content on your blog or website to social media platforms.


However I feel that I should warn you, Facebook advertising is very complicated, you are going to have to invest at least 50% of your time at it, if you are a full time affiliate marketer, or product creator, and you are going to have to invest just as much money on it, tweaking and refining it until you get it right.

Facebook advertising does have its perks though, once you get that home run campaign that gets you well-converting visitors that are prepared to buy what you have to sell…all you have to do is invest a bit more twice to three times, and if it works out just as well, then you go big.


Although pinterest is not as popular as facebook, whatsApp and twitter, yet pinterest has a lot more to offer, as compared to the preceding social media platforms, because it only needs you to create boards that may be of interest to people, and once you have created your boards, you will gain a following and the people that will be following you, will actually be interested in what you have to offer.

There are plenty of ways to increase your website traffic, these are  just concepts you can apply, but not limited to these two platforms, which is Facebook and Pinterest, you can also look into social media platforms , although I feel that those most of those are congested with ads…and limits the chances of your ad being seen by potential prospects and buyers.

2.Video Marketing

Like I always say video marketing is the most relevant because it’s not only visually appealing,  but it is also one of the main ranking factor that google focuses on, because youtube is a part of google.

2.1. Youtube

Youtube is like the “google” of videos,it’s the highest ranked vlog in the world, heck it even outranked search engines yahoo and bing, and those are also the big guys in this industry, trust me when I say that a video to youtube will definitely give you more exposure.

Plus it’s free to do, it’s also very convenient, because yo do not need to have multiple accounts, you can just use your google account to log into youtube, isn’t that cool?

2.2 Vimeo

This according to me is the second best vlog, the videos published will rank very well, and that’s what you want, when you have a website that has a ranking video, chances are you will more likely get  ranked faster, and if your already ranking on google, chance are your website will move up the rankings.

I also like creating videos and start to generate clicks to them, by simply going to fiverr and outsource those “I will send traffic to your website guys” and then publish your video, then you copy the link and go to fiverr and then outsource their services, and you will like get ranked on google for that keyword the next morning.

If you are looking for those special ways to increase your website traffic, this is the golden nugget right here, it simple and yet so powerful, and on top of that, with all the updates that google has made…it has never penalized this technique, meaning it’s not in violations of google’s ToS(Terms of Service).

3.Bum marketing (article writing)

Then there’s article marketing this is a pretty straight and self-explanatory term, but this is also powerful, especially if you have a website, and I’m not talking about an affiliate link with a domain, NO! I’m talking about a real website.

Article marketing, does not only help boost your link juice, but it also keeps you relevant as an author, and and an authority in your niche, this a sneaky way of obtaining a baclink, without really making it look obvious to google.

Also because in the long run that article will continue to send visitors to your website for years to come, you always have a constant supply, and I actually prefer bum marketing above all the other ways, because it’s faster and brings a lot more fruition, but not more that video marketing…I just like the convenience.

5.Viral Marketing

This is the best strategy you can use, let’s say that you are getting enough traffic now to actually generate enough revenue from your, and you want to increase you reach all you have to do is setup a squeeze page on your site, but please only do this when you are already ranking in google.

You don’t want to set this up prematurely and annoy people, once you have established yourself as an authority, do this(setup squeeze page) and lock the content, and start asking people to share the post on social media before actually gaining access into whatever it is that you will be offering them.

Please keep this word in mind, because it’s not about you it’s about the prospects and buyers…the word is VALUE, offer them value, you don’t want them to publish you ost on social media for something that they could have searched and found on google.

These are simple ways to increase your website traffic, without actually spending too much on advertising.

If your looking for a place you can visually learn these things, follow this link Here…See you Inside


  1. ririj

    This is an article I have saved in my notes because I find it really helpful. I have been overwhelmed by the many ways to generate traffic because I am still in the beginning phases of my site, trying to get ranked on keywords. Social media is super tricky because a lot of people don’t see your posts. I am very new to the concept of a squeeze post or making a viral video and it doesn’t sound like I am quite ready for that. What exactly do I include in the video?

    • admin

      Hi Riri

      It’s very simple really all you have to do is understand the importance of video header and body tags. there are some other techniques that you can try, like optimizing your video with the same keyword your targeting…however you do this before you actually upload the video to youtube.

      Social media will become a lot more easier if you have the right concept and approach to Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

  2. Brandon

    Thank you for helping me learn all of these great methods for generating traffic to my website. I’m looking forward to implementing some of these strategies into my campaign, and I’m anticipating great results. I also like that a lot of these techniques are easy to use, and can start working to help you get traffic.

    • admin

      Hi Brandon

      It’s always my pleasure to help other affiliate marketers find extra ways to generate traffic to their site, because, I think you know how the online business model works…more traffic = more prospects = more subscribers = more sales = more $$$.

      I swear Brandon, that concept gets better each and every time I reiterate it. It was definitely a pleasure to hear from you Brandon…you can PM anytime at wealthy affiliate…And also watch out for my upcoming training…it will blow you away.

      Thanks again , and if you experience any problems trying to implement these strategies…just halla, I would be happy to help.

  3. Cathy

    In regards to viral marketing, you mentioned doing this only when someone is ranking on Google. What do you mean by that?

    According to Google search console, most of my pages are in position 11, which means I am at the borderline of page 1 and 2. I only have about 5 pages that are currently in position 5 and above. How should I go about doing viral marketing with my current traffic?

    Thanks for your advice.

    • admin

      Hi Cathy

      That’s great now all you have to do is, create a video, go to fiver hire one of those guys that tell you that they will send you clicks to your website…give them your youtube link instead of your website link. Within your youtube video make sure that you embed a link to your site…what now? here’s how we get to the good part, create a facebook page, and share your youtube link there, do the same for instagram, google plus and especially pinterest.

      Your video will be creating waves everywhere including fiverr, sit back and watch the traffic roll. Try it I promise you won’t regret it.

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