Traffic Generation Tips and Advice

Solid Traffic Generation Tips.

We all know that there are different types of scams out there that tell you that you can earn a living online without any real work, and that affiliate marketing is a hobby and for people that are lazy, and that affiliate marketing should be treated as such.

I beg to differ, BUT we also know that for any website to become a success you it should be able to generate enough traffic…then a lot of questions come to mind how should a person generate just enough traffic to kick start his affiliate marketing career(YEAH I SAID IT, IT’S A CAREER).

There are a lot of technique that can be used to generate traffic, such as email marketing, but these techniques are a bit complicated especially if you are just starting out online, and the month trial most autoresponders offer isn’t always enough, so it needs perfect timing.

Different Traffic Generation Tips?


Content is one of the most important aspect of your site because it will either get the reader to read through it or to immediately discard it, this is also the reason why a lot of people use plugin content, from websites like CLICKBANK GOLIATH.

I do not recommend you do this, because there is a LOT OF PEOPLE using this plugin and although the content may be different but it does not equip you with a crucial skill needed to obtain your google authorship status, and even if you do earn it, would you be proud of it?

Here are some serious mistakes and flaws that a lot of people make with their content:

  • Exchanging their own high quality content for plugin content.
  • Build mini sites which are likely to lose rankings faster.
  • And improper use of targeted keywords, which has become an almost universal problem.
  • Content always sounds like a business proposal instead of genuinely seeking to helping people.

All you have to do is avoid these things and you will do quite well, but also bear in mind that this is your FOUNDATION, with which without it you can’t build a house. IT’S THAT IMPORTANT.

Social Media

There is also social media which is also quite important for making your website a success, because these are also considered, by google’s latest algorithm update to have WEB 2.0 properties which can work to your advantage especially if you utilize social media properly.


These are the most recommended social media accounts google plus, facebook, instagram and pinterest. These are considered by google to be the most important social media platforms and this is also great for backlinks, but I recommend obtaining backlinks from such reputable platforms ONLY.

In simple terms don’t use plugin content and create high quality content

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is also BIG, because it is recorded that during 2015 and 2016 a lot of people spend a lot of time watching videos online, more than they spend watching T.V. Now that’s freaky in itself, but it is also great for You.

How so you might ask? because even if you produce a very simple and yet high quality video and post it to different video submitting sites, which are YouTube, Daily Motion and a lot of other related sites.


But how is that good for me? let’s just speculate for a while, and please bear with me. Let’s say that your video which you created gets just a mere 80 views per week and links back to your site, imagine the power of that if you create only 5 videos…see my point?

Here are some mistakes you want to avoid when creating a high quality video:

  • Never use mediocre video capture softwares
  • Use never use high competition keywords on your videos.
  • Never forget to link your video back to your site.
  • Never create an inaudible video, it makes it look unprofessional.

These are the only three traffic generation techniques that I will be covering on this page, and I think by this time you know the drill…

If you have any questions on on which video softwares to use, or other social platform just leave me a comment and I’ll surely get back to you. 🙂