Top Affiliate Networks UK? Affiliate Future Is Not The Answer.

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Is Affiliate Future Not One of The Top Affiliate Networks In UK?

Affiliate future was considered to be one of the best affiliate networks in the world, about 3 years ago, but lately there have been so many complaints about it…then comes the question, is Affiliate Future really in the top affiliate networks UK list?

Thus far this is probably the most famous Affiliate Network from UK, but definitely not of the best neither the finest. And while I do respect Affiliate Future’s reputation, it’s obvious that they have now dropped the ball.

What Are Some Of The Things That Made Me Respect Affiliate Future As A Network?

  • It was very credible when I first started online
  • It was and still is; free to get started
  • It had a great payment system
  • It has really great user-friendly dashboard/back office.

These were the things that made me come to regard Affiliate Future as an affiliate network. Alas that such a great affiliate network has so dropped the ball this bad.

What Are The Negatives That Have Caused Me To Be So Grieved

  • It is because it has withheld funds from some of it’s affiliates
  • Unreliable Payment system
  • Lost it’s Credibility
  • It exploits it’s affiliates, to send traffic to their site and after sales it does not pay them what is due to them.
  • It has transcended from being a reputable affiliate network to a scam.


Affiliate Future was a very great affiliate network with great benefits since it sold it’s products in Pounds, it offered it’s commissions and payments in Pounds, but it soon became a scam…that lets affiliates promote it and still withholds funds from them and does not even bother to tell it’s affiliates that it’s experiencing problems in regards to their payment system.

Who Would This Affiliate Network Be Profitable To?

This affiliate network would have been a great place for affiliates, of different levels to start earning great affiliate commissions in pounds, because pounds give the currency that extra little boost that can quickly add up over time.

The only problem is that if it’s payment system is no longer working, plus the product publishers/creators are driven by greed that they can choose not to pay their affiliates.

Do I still think this is one of the top affiliate networks in UK?

The answer to that question is simple NO. The evidence speaks for itself. This is a major problem, Affiliate Future to me is regarded as nothing but a scam.


In times past I would have spoken otherwise but now I can’t. I can’t condone their robbery, that would make me an accomplice…HAHA FIGURATIVELY THOUGH! SO DON’T WORRY ABOUT ANYTHING.

Does It Offer Support…YES, NOPE?

It does not even offer support, even when you contact support…I don’t know if whether or not your message reaches the person your sending it to, but I don’t think they care.


Why? It is because they don’t even respond to messages, so when you are experiencing problems, your on your own.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Their Affiliate Program?

This is also my favorite part, because it does not cost you anything to get started promoting their product which is great.

This type of affiliate program is great in that it helps beginner, intermediate and advanced affiliate marketers the opportunity to experiment with their product.

And yes I said EXPERIMENT because…It is better not to get your hopes up when talking about Affiliate Future.

Final Opinions On Affiliate Future…

Affiliate Future was a great affiliate network some time ago, before product creators, became jerks and were driven by greed. Their Payment system was great in the beginning before publishers started to exploit the system in their favor.

All in all, Affiliate future has lost it’s credibility and affiliate network status to me…!!

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