This Is A Digiresults Review

Overall Ranking: 75 out of 100
Price: $0 for both Affiliates and Publishers
Owner/s: Andy Fletcher

What Is Digiresults and Why Do I Rank It So High?

Digiresults is an affiliate network, like Clickbank, Commission Junction and Share-A-Sale. This one is quite different from the other affiliate networks, because instead of selling a product once and earn recurring revenue from that product, this one does things a bit differently.

It allows Publishers to publish their products to their marketplace for free unlike ClickBank, that charges $50 for every new product published on their marketplace, but this is why I said in the beginning that digiresults does things differently,because it specializes solely on selling once-off products.

And also unlike other affiliate networks, the commission you earn as an affiliate, you can request for it immediately after earning it.

This kind of makes digiresults a little risky, not because it is insecure, but because paying untrusted affiliates immediately may result in the product creator/Publisher having to take out hefty sums of money out of his/her pocket in case there are a lot of people that have requested for a refund after purchasing the product and are not satisfied with it.

These Are Some Of The Things That Make Me Hold Digiresults In High Regard.

You already know, by the fact that it’s free to try that it’s legit,but please don’t mistake all products as such:

  • It has Plenty of legit Affiliate Marketing Courses.
  • It is free to try out.
  • You can request for your earnings immediately.
  • You approve your affiliates manually, which is a great precaution against scammers
  • You can deny or approve refunds manually, if you so choose.
  • It has lower cost per transaction as compared to Clickbank.

These are some of the thing that I really found to be great about this affiliate network, it’s still new but it is already making a name for itself. It may not be as reputable as Clickbank but it does offer great value for their Publishers.

Yes. Digiresults Is Hip And Happening Right Now, But It Does Have A Little Bitter Taste of Its Own.

This is a great affiliate network, but there are some things that may make some people not prefer this network, as some affiliates, may exploit some of it’s features, which is really unethical business practice:

  • It does not have the recurring commissions feature.
  • Like I said that some affiliate marketers, may close their accounts after receiving their commissions, and if someone is not satisfied with the product and followed all the guidelines in your return policy, you as the product creator might have to pay for the return on that product.

As far as I know these are the only things that can leave a very bitter taste in your mouth should this happen, but I also liked the fact that they provided their Publishers with an affiliate screening process, to prevent such incidents from happening in future.

This Affiliate Network Is For All Affiliates, That Are interested In Promoting Non recurring Products (but who wouldn’t?).

This affiliate Network is for those people that are not looking for an affiliate product that makes them recurring commissions.

Or for people that are just testing out the waters like beginner affiliate marketers, intermediate affiliates are also welcome, especially if they are already getting a significant amount of traffic.

This is can also be used by advanced affiliate marketers that have achieved online success and are looking for products and to sell them to their email list, these are usually people that have a website and a large e-mail list.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that Digiresults is suitable from affiliate Marketers of all levels.

I Also Liked Some Of Their Tools…Like how You can Customize You Own Paypal Landing Page.

This feature is an awesome feature in itself , in that a lot of even the well established affiliate networks such as Clickbank have this feature, this also helps with conversions because it adds a bit of professionalism to your product.

It also has it’s own analytics to help you see how well you product is doing, if your a Publisher Or Affiliate, it also shows you your 8 weeks earnings which is also nice.

And lastly the specific commission rates feature, this allows you to be able to offer your high converting,and low refunds rate Affiliates some incentives without any hassles.

DigiResults Offers Great Support For Their Publisher, But Provides Little Support To Their Affiliates

Although I have not contacted  Andy Myself, I hear that he is very time-conscious, and offers timely support to the Publishers at DigiResults, you would expect the same for the Affiliates, but alas it is not so.

This is another one of those bitter after taste that comes with the perks of being a Digiresult affiliate, but all in all the support is not that bad.come to think of it that are less complaints from their affiliates, which says a lot about this affiliate network.

DigiResults Is A Free Marketplace…

This is one of those rare occasions where something that is free is actually delivering upon it’s claims.

It does not cost a dime to become a publisher for digiresults, this is also a major opportunity for those people that have products to sell or publisher, but cannot send traffic to their product to save, their lives…this is the kind of breather they have been waiting for.

The Affiliates are paid fair percentages as decided by the Publisher, and this is also a good platform for those Affiliates that have been thinking of expanding their online businesses.

This Is A Great Platform There Are Some Quality Products In Their Marketplace

This is what I think of Digiresults:


This platform has some great products, that you can promote, but today I will offer you a great deal more than a Digiresults Product, READ WHOLE REVIEW HERE.

And Please don’t forget to comment, or ask a question if you feel that there are some details that I left out about Digiresults…also don’t forget to share via social Media.  🙂