The Seobook Keyword Research Fundamentals

What Is Keyword Research? And The Importance Of Relevance.

Keyword research is one of those very very crucial components of building an online business, it’s the heart of it, so in this seobook keyword research post I’ll be delving deeper into the importance of keyword research, the Dos and Dont’s of keyword research, so as to help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls that beginners run into.

First of all, depending on how you conduct your keyword research, that step alone can determine how well or how poor your site ranks. So it would be in your best interest to take time with your keyword research, and always make sure that you also research about the topic  you’re going to write about, as the search engines look for how in-depth and relevant your posts/pages are on that particular subject.

So why should one conduct keyword research? Important Components Of Keyword Research

Like I said there are plenty of reasons why one should conduct keyword proper research before actually writing a post/page, keyword research is not about merely selecting keywords you are going to use on your post or page, it’s also about staying relevant, not only these but also at the same time familiarizing yourself with the different aspects of your chosen topic.

Like in this seobook keyword research fundamentals post, I didn’t just decide to write it, I had to go to plan the outline of how I was going to structure the content, kind of like a post-pseudocode, but then I was doing this while conducting keyword research, this strategy works great for me.

It differs for every individual, so the key variable here is to find a strategy that works best for you. Once you find a strategy that works, there’s a generally accepted pattern that most affiliate marketers conform to, which is the “alphabet soup technique”.

Here’s another important variable, the keyword tool you’re going to select will also determine how well, or how poor your website will perform in the search engines, there is a keyword tool that I recommend, it’s completely free for all wealthy affiliate premium members.

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Other factors of effective keyword research.

Seobook keyword research fundamentals is aimed at helping you get the most out of your keyword research time, so what exactly can I do to maximize my results? The plan here is to come up with as many keywords as possible, although long tail, they must also be highly targeted.

How to achieve this is very simple, since you have the basics of keyword research down, and a very cool keyword tool, what you do is what will get you results, you want to pick a keyword that gets over a hundred (100) searches per month, I know 100 visitors per month doesn’t sound like a lot of traffic, but bear with me, and then you’ll want it to have a QSR of less than (100). This will get you easy rankings on google.

I know, but 100 visitors sounds so low, I want the high traffic keywords, I don’t recommend this…especially if your a beginner, you should not yet target high traffic keywords, before you have established yourself as an authority in your niche, unless of course, the keyword gets a lot of visits and has only a few people targeting the same keyword, then you can go for that keyword, also known as the low-hanging fruit.

Targeting high traffic keywords with a lot of competition is like opening a business in the real world and then plan to franchise it, when it’s relatively new and has no customer loyalty, and also it’s a new business! which nobody has heard about…make sure you avoid doing this, speed kills!

Why Is Keyword Research The Heart  And Foundation Of  Your Online Business?

There are common mistakes that beginners often make, the seobook keyword research fundamentals was created to help beginners avoid such silly and common mistakes, as they are often so focused on incorporating their keywords into their post/pages instead of focusing on their audience and engaging them, and this may in turn kill their credibility as authors.

How so? let’s say your too busy stuffing keywords into your website, you’ll end up creating content that’s very random, and has no direction, content that’s created with the sole purpose of targeting a new keyword, google will not look kindly on this and may I remind you that it’s very easy to get on the big “G’s”‘ bad side than it is to be on his good side.

I simply mean your site can easily lose rankings, and getting to the top of the search engines again might be a very long and tedious task, there are a lot of twists and turns, and also specific procedures that need to be followed, it is very tiring…so make sure that your keyword research is always followed up by intense research.

If you avoid keyword stuffing, I think you’ll do well…good luck with your keyword research, and hope I was able to shed some light on this subject. Leave a comment below if you have any question about keyword research or anything else affiliate marketing. Ciao. 🙂


  1. Carlos

    Hey there,
    This is some great and valuable information provided here. There is no doubt that SEO is highly important for any type of content online provider. It also plays an essential role within keyword research. Thanks for sharing this post partner, I will for sure follow this useful information.

    • admin

      Hi Carlson

      Thanks, I really appreciate it Carlos, and good luck with all your affiliate marketing endeavors, especially the keyword research part, just remember, keyword research and content go hand in hand.

      Like I said thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to drop me a comment.


  2. Shannon

    Great tips on keyword research. I find that it can be very hard to write sometimes when I only try to stuff keywords into my blogs. It really has to flow so finding the right keywords is essential. If you don’t, your writing sounds really weird and not genuine. Great post.

    • admin

      Hi Shannon

      I’m glad I could help, nothing gives me greater joy than knowing that the information I offered someone will be of great benefit to their online business/es.

      Lol and I also know that if your constantly keyword stuffing your posts with keywords, you end up writing posts that do not make sense and come across as spammy.

      Google doesn’t take kindly to this…Some sites even get de-indexed for stuffing keywords into their posts.

      Great to hear from you Shannon, hope to hear from you again soon.


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