The Millionaire Society Is A Scam

Product Name: Millionaire Society
Overall Ranking: 32 Out Of 100

Owner/s: Mack Michaels
Price: $97 per Month

Why Do I say That Millionaire Society Is A Scam?

There is this new scam online, the name is Millionaire Society, I personally don’t like products with these kind of names because they are quite misleading.

Therefore I say that the Millionaire Society is a scam!! Wow Khanya how did you come up with that conclusion(your probably asking yourself that)? Well, this program cost $97/Month for just 4(Four) lessons, not modules.

This should probably be the end of the review, but I will try to cover as much as I can about this program, I will also try not to heap up empty words, because it would be a complete waste of your precious time, and everybody else reading this post.

Can I Expect To Learn Anything From Their Lessons?

I would really would have liked to say that their four lessons covered everything about affiliate marketing after all, it’s not always about the money. They did offer some value though I could give them that, here’s why I say that:

  • Their first technique also upsells you to another program called adfly and this cost $8 for 1000 impressions, to advertise your website.
  • Their second system teaches you how to find the best products to promote on ClickBank, and then effectively promote them.
  • The third system probably offers better value than the two systems combined. It teaches you how to promote the products you have selected from the second system, using pinterest.
  • The fourth system is focused on helping you setup your completely done for you system and then add a Paypal button.

These things are just laymen techniques that will have to be redone over and over instead of setting it up once, and then earning commissions your entire life, this is just a fast buck type of method, you know like when you need the money by the end of the month.

Although the products may have re-billing rates, these traffic methods are not going to bring you traffic without any effort on your part, so each and everyday you have to post something new to Pinterest if you want to be able to earn that day…which is okay!

Now Here Is What Makes These Products Scammy.

  • You Are Expected to pay $97/ month for these four systems (quite expensive for just four video lessons)
  • You are also upsold to Keyword Spy which costs $89,95 in order to be able to track your adsense ads and other relevant ads.
  • There is no real product, except just four lesson.
  • They also use PLR Articles, which is what most gurus are using – you can expect a low quality product here!

There are more cons than there are pros, are you just going to join this because you will only make a couple of $100s of dollars, NOT $1000s! This is limiting to your income potential online, and will probably take most of your commissions due to their different upsells that also re-bill monthly in order to keep profiting form this system.


Can You Actually Profit From This If Your A Beginner?

This Program is designed specifically for beginners. If I were a beginner affiliate marketer, I would say that this system is the best system out there, but now that I have learned quite a lot about affiliate marketing over the years.

Pinterest is only single section of social marketing, there are other platforms out there like facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Digg and a lot of other social media platforms, but Millionaire Society doe not at all delve into these issues.

This program is okay for starters and beginners, that have plenty of money to experiment with, but it does not offer any real value to intermediate and advanced affiliate marketers. Although you may profit from this system, it also limit you, hence I say the Millionaire Society is a scam.

So How Much Am I Going To Pay In Total For This Course.

This program costs $97 per month for (4) video tutorials. This product is overpriced, I mean paying that much for a poorly designed affiliate marketing website with paid traffic methods.

These are incredibly easy techniques that I can squash into a single lecture and have you setup everything  in under 2 hours. 

I also disliked the fact that, apart from the simple fact that this product is overpriced, there are also upsells. You are upsold to another tool called Keyword Spy which cost $89,95/ per month and finally…They have another upsell treat for you. 🙁

You are told to invest in adfly a total of $8 per month. These number have added up to almost $195, you might just as well add another $165 and pay for the wealthy affiliate yearly membership.

Here’s My Final Opinion On This Topic.

You can waste your time with this messed up and confusing system, of you can come with me by clicking on the link above and let’s start a legit make money online business.

Are you still reluctant that the Millionaire society is a scam? This product is a scam, it would not be useful to a lot of people and this is why I feel that what they are offering is definitely in proportion to the amount they charge, for such an amount you’d expect great support, SSL certificates, alas doesn’t have these features.

There are legit platforms that cost way less and offer you much more value for your money, if you don’t believe me you can try my #1 RECOMMENDED BUSINESS MODEL free.


If you guys reading this still have questions regarding Millionaire Society or feel that my review of the program was bias, drop me a comment below and I’ll definitely get back to you. Let’s Communicate guys. 🙂

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  1. Jen

    I had never heard of the millionaire society but am glad somebody had looked into this program and figured it’s ins and outs. It’s educational to see ahead of time what a certain program will end up charging you. It’s difficult to maneuver through the various programs offered and figure out what’s legit and will ultimately give you a solid foundation to make money. Thankfully, we can cross off millionaire society on our list.

    • admin

      Hi Jen

      I agree Millionaire Society is not a great site as it offers a low quality product and also up-sells you to other products in order for their four lessons to be a solid product, do you see the sinister logic behind this type of program?

      I bet you do. I would have been cool with the fact that millionaire society helps people earn, but what they teach people could stop working at anytime, meaning the person paying them $97 each month might end p having to start from scratch.

      And don’t get me started on their outdated PLR articles…In a nutshell Millionaire Society is a system, a system that may stop working, should Google catch on to what they are doing.

      Thanks for taking this time to comment on my site Jen, twas gr8 hearing from you.

      Ciao 🙂

  2. Scott

    I have never heard of Millionaire Society before but thanks for the heads up. I agree with you 100% that Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go for aspiring online marketers. I have been with WA myself for 3 weeks and can vouch that the training is amazing. I did an entire course for FREE before I was confident to sign up. They are the best!

    • admin

      Hi Scott

      I’m glad you liked the training Scott , believe it or not before I upgraded my membership to premium, I also finished an entire course for free, haha only it took me a lot longer to get the nag of how it works…how to navigate my way around wordpress and so on.

      What millionaire society is focused on is getting people to get traffic as fast as possible, they don’t care whether that the traffic is targeted, all they want to do is merely hook you to their system by making you see clicks as fast as possible.

      That for me is whack and I would not pay for such garbage.

  3. Neil

    I had joined Millionaire Society for a short while and it’s definitely not worth the membership price tag for what you get for building an online business.

    Looking at your review, it seems that Millionaire Society may have had a revamp. But even still, it’s not exactly great quality because the training you get can be found for free on Youtube or on blog posts if you search hard enough.

    I also remember receiving access to over 100 “systems”. But each one was basically an ebook on a particular topic. It was tedious reading through some of them.

    In my opinion, MS doesn’t exactly show you how to build an online business from scratch.

    Thanks for the review.

    • admin

      Hi Neil

      Millionaire society is one of those products that will stop working soon… there are always google penguin updates, and you saw that MS uses and exploits these loops that google hasn’t discovered.

      What happens to the people that use this product when this loophole is fixed, after the next penguin update? I’ll tell you…their income stream will dry up, this is the plain truth.

  4. Jacob Schilling

    Wait, so for a $90/month payment, you only get access to 4 video tutorials, no tools, nothing else? Are these videos ever updated or does it simply contain the same material and information that was recorded at the time these videos were shot? Overall this seems like a horrendous package.

    Did you try the keyword spy tool that Millionaire society suggests? If you did, I would love to hear your opinion on it.

    • admin

      Hi Jacob

      I have not tried that keyword tool, that’s a fact, beacuse I have a keyword tool I already trust  to get the job done, without the need to “spy ” on my competition.

      However what I  gathered was that Keyword spy is certainly for useful for spying on the competition and it really does not differ that much from the default google keyword planner , it only differs by a few features and the overall interface, but most things remain the same as that of the google keyword planner.

      I mean traffic travis can actually beat this keyword tool hands down , and it’s the number 2 tool on my trusted keyword tools list, so I don’t really think keyword spy can offer you any real value.

      Also because it does not offer a free trial, I think this is partly the reason why most people don’t bother buying it. I know I didn’t!

      Hope this was helpful Jacob, if you  still have anymore questions , I encourage you to ask, and thanks again. 😉

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