The Feeder Matrix Scam…Have You Ever Came Across This Scam?

Overall Ranking: 37 Out Of 100
Price: $1,75 +Multiple Upsells

This Is The First Product I’ve Ever Purchased Online…The Feeder Matrix Scam

This is is the very first product I’ve ever Purchased online, and I wouldn’t be here telling you about Wealthy Affiliate, had I not come across this “feeder Matrix Scam” why do I say it’s a scam? Firs of all this is an Multi Level Network.

There are thousand of these online, and chances are; you have come across the feeder matrix scam, because it’s the most famous of the MLN scams out there. As a former member of this MLN I would be in a position to explain this network better.

This product is one of those products that promise people overnight riches, and that somehow you can take $1,75 and turn it into a $100 000, I mean how ridiculous does that sound? But you know when you are so desperate, you can believe it, And I must admit; I was gullible enough to believe this rubbish.

How Many Good Things Can I say About This Product?

  • It is cheap
  • It has great banners that can grab a person’s attention easily
  • It uses a lot payment systems, like payoneer, paypal and etc.

These are the only three things I could come up with, that I found were quite useful, and believe me you theses are the only three and if you make your investigation yourself or join their site you’ll realize that these things are indeed so.

How Many Negatives Did I Find There? SEE, This Is The Problem!

  • It is not very reputable
  • People always research before they buy and this will work against you if you are promoting this product
  • It offers no training, except stupid manuals…people prefer video!
  • They do not keep their affiliates up to date with the latest trends in affiliate marketing.
  • They do not teach you how to build a website.
  • They do not teach even simple Pay-Per-Click Marketing.

These are a lot of negatives, and considering the fact that they jut give you a lot of manuals that will probably, clog your mind with outdated affiliate marketing techniques and all manner of outdated rubbish.

Is This System For Beginners/Intermediate Or Advanced Affiliate Marketers??

Based on what I know and considering the fact that, this was the very first scam that got me(YOU NEVER FORGET THOSE, BELIEVE ME) I would say that this program cannot, and WILL NOT profit you in future.

I was a novice back then, I didn’t even know the fundamentals of building a website, heck I didn’t know how to upload a video to youtube, and when I purchased this system, I quit it I was no different from when I joined it.

So whether You are a beginner/intermediate/advanced affiliate marketer, this system MLN system will not help you in anyway. You are better off without this system in your life.


There are only two tools that I found to be useful in this flawed system, which was their banners, but these are also flawed because, if a photosensitive viewer sees these banner, he/she might just not visit your squeeze page, or whatever you’ll be using to promote this business.

There is no constructive way you can promote this affiliate marketing product, or rather system. Back to the second tool, which are the different payment systems that are used to pay their affiliates.

Does This Product Or Affiliate System Offer Support??

In terms of support this product comes lacking, you can tell that it’s a poorly devised scam. They do have a facebook page, created by every one of your upline members, and if you are not able to build a facebook page for your upline members, then your downine members have no support

This hurts a lot because this system is a MLN and there is definitely no way of identifying who owns it. It implements sort of a laissez-faire leadership style. This can have a lot of negative effects in the long-run, and the fact that you don’t know who the owner is, makes it a lot more dangerous.

How? This could be a con artist, trying to collect as many accounts and passwords as possible, especially paypal accounts to go and sell on them darknet for bitcoins, remember that the owner of this thing is completely invisible.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that this site offers no support and safety for your finances in anyway…because you can’t contact the owner directly.

How Much Does It Cost? Now This Is The Confusing Part About This Affiliate system

This product costs $1,75 and then you recruit four more people and then they’ll pay you $1,75 each, amounting to $7and then you buy a $5 product and then you get paid $80 etc

If I would try to explain the whole thing I would just confuse you, because I’m confused myself too, but then don’t worry this picture will simplify everything and make you understand.


This is my humble opinion about feederMatrix, I do not think that in order for a person to make it through affiliate marketing, you should pester your friends to join something they have no interest in whatsoever, though, I do think that you should rather seek out people that are interested in what you have to offer them, so in my humble opinion, feederMatrix is a …