The Auto Profit System, Is it a Scam?

Auto profit system is one of those training platforms that gives you access to everything you need to build an online/affiliate marketing business (focuses mainly on email marketing) .

There are only a few missing pieces, although they won’t affect your profitability ! How many so-called systems and training platforms/software can be associated with the word “profitability” nowadays?

Sure, they will tell you that, just so that you can can buy with their link.

However based on my observation, this system is not a scam as it includes tons of content and training , and It teaches you how to build a huge subscriber’s list, and then promoting affiliate offers to your subscriber’s list, which is a decent method and is also scalable over a period of time, however, I do feel that some other elements of affiliate marketing can be incorporated into it.

Product Name: The Auto Profit System

Owner/s: Tom Yevsikov

Price: $67 on the Front-End

Launch Date: 15-December-2017

Rating: 70 out of 100

Verdict: It’s Legit

I concur! there are very few legit systems out there, and if you haven’t realized it, most of the the products I promote on this website, are legit, and of course, there are a few possible scams that I have also uncovered and exposed. This one is one of the very few that are actually worth a lot of people’s time, although I do feel that this system is in itself quite useful for building a list, it also has limitations that I will delve into later…

What Makes This System Unique?

This is a done-for-you system that teaches you how to use any free gift, that you can give away to potential buyers. And by offering them this free gift, you’ll get them to opt into your autoresponder, now that you have a potential buyer, what now?

At this time you need to understand that a new subscriber is still in the cold traffic phase, which may take some time to convert into a buyer, so what do you do? you deliver on your promise, hence inspiring confidence in your product and establishing a relationship.

This is the whole logic behind this system, sounds pretty rad , don’t you think? The main aim is to make sure that you get a very high click-through-rate, hence increasing your chances of making sales.

So what about the traffic, this is the best part, they will give you a 2  hosted one-time-offers, what else?They will also give you access to their personal solo-ad collection.

What I liked About This APS…

  • It is relatively fast to profit with this system
  • Everything is done-for-you
  • They pre-sell your product for you
  • Can be automated
  • Newbie-friendly
  • This software is cloud-based
  • Drag and drop interface
  • High CTRs
  • It has plenty of bonuses
  • Hosting fees are included
  • It is less competitive that SEO

As you can see there is plenty that APS has to offer to its clients, and it is very easy for one to use this software, there are videos on how to connect everything together so that it works as intended, in order to avoid any confusion, or analysis-paralysis.


What I hated About APS As A Product…

  • It is expensive
  • you have to spend more money on some other types of traffic
  • They don’t teach you how to build a website
  • The sales pitch was  a bit hypey
  • Traffic loopholes – these are usually short-term traffic strategies.

These are some of the things that I feel that auto profit system can improve upon, what are they? The product creator(Tom) can maybe:

  • Reduce the front-end price to the original price($27)
  • Offer some SEO lessons
  • Solidify his affiliates’ places on the online world – by at least securing his pages with SSL certs
  • Teach them how to use google adsense.
  • Stop the emphasis on fast commissions.

Although this system is can be very useful for quick affiliate commissions , just to get a feel of the internet lifestyle, it is not a very viable business model, because chances are, google will catch on… and believe me you don’t want to be on the wrong receiving end of google’s algorithmic updates.

Now To The Bonuses, The Perks of Using Auto Profit System… What are they?

This is probably why most people don’t mind taking out their wallets and purchasing this  system, it’s because of the bonuses, so how many bonuses do they offer? APS offers 3 excellent bonuses, what are they? Read on…

Bonus #1 : Personal Solo Ads

These are used by Tom himself, he has especially hand-picked them because the people selling these solo ads usually have a good relationship with their subscribers, so you  might wonder, what purpose would that serve when I have my own list to build?

It would serve a great purpose because it would increase the number of sales.

It can also help you get new subscribers from into your autoresponder!

Bonus #2 : Case Study

This is the exact formula that Tom hisself  applied in his online business , in order to get his result, this is basically over the shoulder training.

It is designed to help those that are still beginning on the online space to avoid errors, hence improving their chances of success and also to simplify the whole process.

Bonus #3 : Done-for-you secret sauce videos

Like the title says, they are done-for-you pages,  this allows you to incorporate videos into your pre-selling and converting pages to increase sales and clickthroughs

These videos are short and capture your prospects’ attention fast, they also have a call-to action which will work to your advantage, and they are also easy to install into your pages.

This bonus was only supposed to be in the early bird special, if you’re fortunate to find it available, use it in order to generate more sales and traffic.

What Are My Final Thoughts And My Sincere Advice To You…

Now, I won’t lie and take you here and there, this is a great program, and I would certainly encourage you to join it(if you’re considering buying it), but I do have my objections…what are they?

  • It is expensive
  • Their approach is unique but partly risky
  • They don’t teach you how to build a website.

This kind of makes their product short of a few pieces of the puzzle, please note that I’m not saying that you won’t earn any money with the auto profit system, all I’m saying is that, if you’re interested in learning these techniques rather W/A.

Click Here To Access It…Looking 4wrd 2 workin with u 🙂

If you feel in any way that my review was unfair or biased, please express your feelings below, by simply dropping me a comment in the comments section, and don’t 4get to share and spread the word on social media. Until Next Tym…Bye!


    • Hi Ross

      I appreciate it, I will most definitely try to publish more content, don’t miss the next post, it’s gonna be a doozy…nice hearing from you!

    • Hi Sunaina

      I’m glad you liked it, auto profit system is definitely one of those few program that you can actually trust…I’m not saying its a perfect system, but what I do like is the fact that it is so simple to earn with it!

      It reduces the amount of time invested in your online business, it also affords you with the opportunity to automate the entire process, the only bummer is the fact that you have to purchase the upsell, which can be a bit annoying to some.

      It does not use wordpress to build a squeeze page, the traffic methods are relatively fast and tons more, but according to me it is not really scalable int the long-term , say 5-7 years…it would certainly fall apart!

      But all in all I guess one ca definitely give the aps a benefit of the doubt. Great hearing from you Sunaina!

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