Siterubix The Best Free Website Builder and Host For Your Site

Overall Ranking: 95 out of 100
Price: $0 Free
Owners: Kyle and Carson

What is Siterubix? And Why Do I Call It The Best Free Website Builder and Host for Your site?

Siterubix is the best free website builder and host for me, in a sense that it keeps your website information safe, this will help you in the long run, because a lot of people are paying hefty sums of money just to keep their information safe, and siterubix offers this feature for free.

This is important to every webmasters, because if your competitors try to check up on your site; it’s information and keywords used, they won’t be able to! This is helpful because you can get the edge over your competitors, and they can’t…and all this for free!

What Are The Advantages Of Using This Website Builder In Particular?

  • It keeps your website information safe.
  • It is exclusive to wealthy affiliate members only
  • It has great speed and load time, even if you use more than 5 plugins, but we still discourage the use of plugins at wealthy affiliate.
  • It is free to use, but only if you are a member
  • It simplifies the process of building a website, with it’s wordpress-express feature.

These are among the few of the countless other advantages of using siterubix as your free website builder and host for your website. It also has other features like building a website in four simple steps, this might sound plain ridiculous, but you know, it’s true.

The Disadvantages Of Using This Website Builder

  • You can’t move your site to another domain, IF you are a starter member…”I think that’s fair don’t you think?”
  • It is limited to a single group of people

These are the only 2 disadvantages I can find in regards to siterubix as website builder, hence I say that siterubix is indeed the best free website builder and host for any person, because it beats all other website builders I’ve come across online, in my 3 years as an affiliate marketer.

Who Is This Platform Actually Meant For?

This website building platform was actually created and developed, with beginners in mind, Intermediate and advanced webmasters can also use this platofrm. It is meant for beginners in that it’s very simple to use, needs no technical know-how needed.

If you are an intermediate and advanced webmaster, this can also be a great platform for you because, although you can code your site…it can sometimes be a tedious task, so for webmasters that just want to cut the work in half and exempt yourself off having to do manual coding.

I have to know, I’d like to think of myself as a programmer. Alas that it’s only available to wealthy affiliate members both starter and premium.

Do They Offer Training On Using This Website Builder? Yep

Believe it or not, simple as this website builder may be to use, they still provided a training video, showing you how to use this simple easy to use website builder…I mean anyone that can read can se this simple website builder even without the training video.

Like I said this was developed with a beginner in mind, I mean even a beginner, can use this but they even provided a training video, so that beginners can have a clearer understanding of using this website builder.


Will You Have Plenty Of Support When Using This Website Builder?

The answer to that question is simple; of course you WILL receive plenty of support from other advanced webmasters, even beginner that have mastered using that website builder.

There is a community of people ready to answer your questions 24/7. Yep you heard me, or saw :-)…I don’t know which you prefer but this a great website builder and host. You won’t regret your decision, trust me.

How Much Does It Cost??

This is free to all wealthy affiliate members,you won’t regret you choice, should you decide to join as a starter member, because you are going to have access to this great website building online software free of charge…seriously $0.00

My Final Opinion About This Great Website Builder And Host.

This website builder is great, and it also has some pretty cool features, it’s also the fact that it costs nothing that makes it so much more interesting.

They also offer free training, and support for 10 days which is another great feature…Their only problem is that it’s available exclusive to wealthy affiliate members only, but don’t worry too much about that I got you covered.

If you have any questions that need answers within a 48-hour time frame just don’t hesitate to shout, or write in capital letters or something…haha just busting chops…just drop me a comment! 😉