Should I Join Empower Network?

PRODUCT NAME: Empower Network
Overall Ranking: 4 out 0f 100
Price: $25/month + Upsells: $19.99/month, $197/month, $500, $1997, $4500
Owner/s: David Sharpe and David Wood


Should I join Empower Network? What is it anyways?

Empower Network is a supposed affiliate marketing training course, it claims that it teaches people how to build a successful online business, for only $25 on the front-end, and somehow that’s a factor they neglect to tell you! Should I join empower network you might ask? The answer is NO, read on and let me tell you why…First of all empower network has a very complicated structure, it also has several price points that are just plain WRONG. I will elaborate on this a bit later on, so that you might not make an informed decision instead of an impulsive one.

So What Can I actually profit from Empower Network after my investment…(Pros)

  • It has a cheap front end offer.
  • It teaches you how to build a website
  • It has helped some people earn some money online
  • It teaches people how to get traffic…using backlinks!

These are the only factors that I realised Empower Network was fulfilling. This kind of hard pill to swallow, even for people involved within this program/online institution.

Then Comes The Negatives of This Affiliate Marketing Training…I hate this part!

  • It has too many upsells
  • It is not free to try out
  • It has poor training
  • Relies too much on building backlinks
  • It also doesn’t teach you how to scale your site using free ppc ads.
  • The Owner is not really behaving appropriately.
  • It offers little support.

You also cannot contact the owner directly…which is also a major bummer!
The site has some useful training, like teaching people how to get their site hosted, and creating content, but overall it’s still a very lame course even for beginner affiliate marketers.

Who Would I Recommend This MLM To…And yes I said MLM!

This is an MLM that masquerades itself as a training institution, meaning it’s concept is unoriginal, it claims to teach people how to make money online with affiliate marketing, but it really does not teach people how to get enough traffic to “push their agenda”, NOTE I used the word AGENDA.

If you can’t get traffic to a blog you don’t even own, it means no customers,and without customers there is no need to build a business. It will just be a waste of resources and money, kind of like Empower Network.

This MLM is not recommended to anyone, even if you are a beginner…This is is a scam, Period!,  so please just don’t waste your time, just read on if you don’t believe me.

What Sort of Training and Tools Can I Expect?

There is basically nothing special about the training, or anything useful that can even be used to break-even, with their insane costs, it’s not really original as an institution…It also has bad PR on the local forums, I don’t even think that even people on warrior forum would consider buying this.

So basically what I’m trying to say is that even if you build a website on their platform, it’s still a waste because, despite the multiple upsells at the end of the day you still won’t have full control over your site.


Do They Offer Support On Their Site?

At do empower network they offer support, and what type of support can I possibly hope to get? The answer to that questions is very simple and straight-forward. The only way you can get in touch with them is via email.

You cannot even contact the owner directly. This is indubitably the most expensive MLM program out there, I mean, getting a webpage, within a webpage… The amount of support offered by these “pioneers of this cleverly devised scam”, does not equate to the amount of money they offer their service for.

Basically what I’m saying is that they offer NO SUPPORT.


PRICE…How much Does It Cost

It costs $25/mo on the frontend, and then there’s the $20/mo for the E-wallet, plus the $24.99 first upsell, and another $297 upsell, for what? I don’t know, and another $500 upsell, for what? I don’t know.


I mean am I speaking presumptuously by saying that this a SCAM? Bear me witness… leave me a comment below and I’ll surely get back to you.

Final Opinion On Empower Network?

This is my final say about this product. I can rate it 4 out of 100. It is (NOT AYOBA)…meaning it’s not worth your time.