Shopify Online Store Builder

The Shopify Online Store Builder?What is it?

This is an e-commerce platform, that targets different audiences, be it bloggers, vloggers, teachers and or media networks, it is a great platform, and it is very reputable, well established.

Shopify is an online store builder, made for people that willing to promote digital products, and also for entrepreneurs that are willing to take their real-world business to the internet or cyber space.

Shopify is not only an online store builder, it  also acts as an interface between you and your client on the internet, in simpler terms it is also a point of-sale-system, that allows your clients to make purchases online, and also has a feature that allows you to easily manage shipping of products.

Now, that you have a little bit of insight about the product, I’m pretty sure you’re asking yourself, who the heck owns shopify? Tobias Lukte, a computer programmer is the name of the man that owns shopify…you can read all about him here.


What Are Some of the Most Important Shopify Features??

  1. It has over a 100 professional themes
  2. It is a full blogging platform
  3. It gives you your own domain name with SSL certificates
  4. Shopify is a web-based online store builder
  5. Also offers over a 100 payment gateways, including bitcoin
  6. Perform automatic taxes.
  7. Offer free shipping
  8. Integrates with social media
  9. Email templates and marketing
  10. Automatically generates sitemaps

Just to mention a few, there are a lot more features that shopify offers to its clients, and what makes it more interesting is the fact that if you want to cut the learning curve and want to almost instantaneously make your first commission, you can buy some of their e-commerce stores that are already earning, of course you are going to have to maintain your online store yourself.

Your shopify online store will be highly customizable, and beneficial if you have a basic understanding of css and html, as this will allow you to make your store a lot more unique, and also add some measure of value to it.


What Makes Shopify Unique From All The Other Online Store Builders?

What makes shopify so unique is the fact that it supports over 50 languages, allowing you to conduct you business effectively though the use of such features, and this feature can also come in handy if your were to do local marketing, or targeting a certain ethnicity or group.

It comes optimized for SEO out of the box,saving you the stress and time of having to configure, tinker and reconfigure your settings, just so you can get decent rankings. It is also logically structured so that it is easy to navigate and use…I think this is one of the most important identifying marks of this platform.


Who Is It Really For? Can I  Build A Business Using Shopify As A Beginner?

This is probably the simplest answer I had to give yet, and by the way, the answer is yes! Let me explain why:


This platform offers you a wide variety of themes for free, and there are also paid ones, it is also mobile-friendly, meaning you can be sure that your store will be able to work on desktops, tablets and smartphones.


Everything is included, and setup in such a way even a beginner can use, users can also refer to the documentation. It also allows users to set it up with a few mouse clicks.


It gives programmers full access to  the code, so that they can refine, and recode it as they see fit, based on their own standards.

Yes, so apart from the ease of use there are tons of other features that I could not incorporate in this post about shopify that make it a perfect online store builder, and make selling easier, quicker, more automated, which is the whole reason why most people attempt to build an online business…this proves to be a very user-friendly feature for most beginners!

Prices – Is Shopify Really Worth It?

I would strongly agree, because different amounts that Lukte charges are very reasonable, I also liked the fact that there were yearly plans, thus providing people with more value, and also the capacity to save some money when purchasing any of these plans

There is also a 14 day/trial, the payment plans are very flexible, anyone can upgrade and downgrade anytime they feel like it, I also arespect the fact that you do not need to enter your credit card information until you are ready to actually purchase their products.

  • Two Types of  Trials

There is a shopify 14/day trial.This deal is basically for everyone willing to purchase shopify to build their own storefront.

There is also the shopify 60/day trial which is strictly available to F6S’ network members only.

  • Monthly price points

Are as shown below:

These differ in space and features , credits rates are offered at lower prices, based on you monthly membership and it charges 0% transaction fees, allowing you to maximize you profits as much as you can.

  • Yearly Plans

These can be especially beneficial in that they allow you to save money, while at the same time delivering lower shipping rates and credit card rates, as they decrease marginally with higher plans.

These can even be extended by over  year to up to 2 to save even more, thus future-proofing you business from any unwanted price increases.

It’s a shame really, that I could not dwell into some other aspects of shopify as there are indeed so many, but I will definitely write another post to supplement this page.


My Final thought On Shopify As An Online Store Builder!

Shopify is definitely one of the best platforms, affiliate marketers, and e-commerce business owners can ever have, especially considering the fact that e-commerce is still in its infancy, having such a tool that can monitor, basically all aspects of your business from one central location is not only innovative but genius.

So for me shopify as an online store builder is quite appealing and it’s a product I would very highly recommend to fellow affilate marketers, bloggers and vloggers…this is really something that will change the way we do business, I mean, being able to have a  storefront online is now as easy as a few clicks, as opposed to 7 years ago.

Shopify for me is :

Product Name: Shopify
Overall Ranking:
95 out of 100
$29, $79 and  $299
Owner/s: Tobias Lutke