The Seobook Keyword Research Fundamentals

What Is Keyword Research? And The Importance Of Relevance.

Keyword research is one of those very very crucial components of building an online business, it’s the heart of it, so in this seobook keyword research post I’ll be delving deeper into the importance of keyword research, the Dos and Dont’s of keyword research, so as to help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls that beginners run into.


How To Monetize A Blog On A Blogger Platform

The Importance of Using And Monetizing Blogger Properly! Taking Things Careful Consideration.

Blogger, unlike other website building platforms, it’s free and it’s also part of google, kind of like youtube…although you should really know how to monetize a blog on a blogger platform, as it widely differs from how one would monetize a blog on other domains and platforms.

There are certain procedures like the fact an affiliate link cannot … CONTINUE READING

I need to make money. But how?

Self- Identification, but this opportunity is still for everybody…

First of all, when somebody searches for something like “I need to make money” it usually means one of the three things  below:

  1. He/she is looking to make money to increase the one he/she currently has.
  2. Or probably looking to make some money without spending anything.
  3. He/she just wants to invest in something that will continue to generate him/her income for

Build A Website In WordPress Today!

How Can I Build a website in WordPress Without Any Technically knowledge? 

There was a time on the internet, when building websites was for nerds and the unpopular kids, but nowadays, everyone wants to build one, I guess you want to build one too, that’s why your on this website.

There are two ways a person can build a website today, you can either go back to college or varsity … CONTINUE READING

Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic!

Why should I increase website traffic? 

This is probably the very first question that most people ask, before they venture into affiliate marketing, or just trying to build an online business in general…how can I get traffic?

I believe that this is a very important question, because once you start getting traffic to your website you have an online business, there is also another important question that webmasters constantly ask … CONTINUE READING

What Are Amazon Affiliates?

What Is The Difference between Amazon Affiliates And Regular Affiliates

There are plenty of affiliate marketers out there, and most of them promote affiliate products from other websites/affiliate networks such as ClickBank, Commission Junction and a host of other affiliate networks, but what are Amazon affiliates?

Your probably saying that, well I understand that part, but what distinguishes Amazon affiliates from regular affiliates? because it seems to me that the … CONTINUE READING

Youtube Hijack – How To Make Videos For Youtube

Product Name: Youtube Hijack
Overall Ranking: 77 Out Of 100
Price: FREE
Owners: Sarah Staar

How To Make Videos For Youtube With Youtube Hijack (Explained)

This is a course that is developed by Sarah Staar, What I liked about this course was that it was,still is, free, it  focuses solely on video marketing, how to make videos for youtube, getting your affiliate links on other people’s videos … CONTINUE READING

The Project Breakthrough Scam

Overall Ranking: 20 Out Of 100
Price: $2,995, $5,995 and $15,995 per annum
Owners: Jason McClain and Vick Strizheus

What is Project Breakthrough, And Why Do I Call It A Scam?

Hi, I will personally be anwering your question, because I think I’m in a better position to answer any questions you might have in regards to the project breakthrough scam.

This scam has been on the internet … CONTINUE READING

How To Make 200 Dollars A Day Online

Product Name: $200 A Day Blueprint
Overall Ranking: 60 out of 100
Price: $12 (once-off)
Owner/s: Sarah Staar

How To Make 200 dollars A Day Online With “The $200 A Day Blueprint”

This is an affiliate marketing course, by Sarah Staar, which can somehow teach you how to make 200 dollars a day online, with your website. In most cases I would say it doesn’t work that … CONTINUE READING

The Top Internet Marketing Companies.

What Are They? And Why Them Specifically?

I have been online for quite some time now and I do  know a few, top internet marketing companies which I will be specifically be focusing on in this blog post, and I really do hope that this will give you an idea about each of them and fortunately steer you into the right the direction.

So what are they and how do … CONTINUE READING