OVERALL RANKING: 61 Out of 100

PRICE : $1.00 (if you don’t have money you can complete free offers to get started immediately…Only if you are in the US, CA AND UK)

OWNER/S: Fortune 500 Partner Network



What is My Cash freebies? How Does It Work?

This affiliate network partners with fortune 500 companies like (Nike, Coca Cola etc).

This is probably the easiest way to make money online especially if you want to earn with internet businesses online via internet marketing this is a very effective way to earn online and probably the easiest and scalable way to earn especially if you already have a website, the money you earn with this affiliate program is paid directly into your Paypal account.


This is the best affiliate network in UK is so cool that you can earn unlimited $20 paid directly into your account because all you have to do is refer members and if you don’t have $1.00 to get started all you have to do is complete an offer so that you can make start earning.

You can also upgrade to where you can start earning $40 for every member you refer to their site which is also free once you have completed the first offers to join then you are set.

If you are OUTSIDE THE US, CA AND UK YOU CAN STILL EARN WITH THIS AFFILIATE PROGRAM, all you have to do is to refer a member that lives in one of those countries mentioned above, and if your referral completes his/her $1.00 offer then you are also going to be a confirmed member and then you can start earning.(obviously you have to put in the necessary effort in order to earn).


This affiliate program is for almost everybody because if you know how to drive traffic even to an affiliate link you can earn with this affiliate program, the simplest way to earn with this affiliate program is with simple article marketing sites that allow affiliate links, but for me doing this is not enough because you can’t really scale it up let alone leverage it with

In conclusion I would like to say that you can easily make money with this affiliate network but you can even leverage it even better if you build a website…easily build one her. If you do this, trust me you are going to make a lot more money.



What are the Pros and Cons of this affiliate program you are asking? I can clearly say that because there is no training, that can be the only thing that can hinder a lot of people from earning with this affiliate programbut other than that there are no surprises, hook up with me so that I can help you with your site.

Know a little about me here…see you inside, but not inside yet!!


  • If you are in Canada, the United States and United Kingdom this is almost like free money but of course all you have to do is write an article and just submit it to article marketing sites.
  • It is suitable for any type of affiliate, be it a beginner, intermediate or even an advanced affiliate marketer.
  • Serious money can be made if you take this seriously (excuse the pun), pls don’t PUN-ish me, but rather Read On…!!
  • Get Help here if you have no affiliate marketing skills whatsoever.


  • This requires a little more effort if you are outside those 3 countries.
  • No training, this can cause many people to get de-motivated
  • There is little support from the team leaders.
  • It is not easy to get help
  • You are no taught how to market your affiliate link and banners.

The training you receive at this particular affiliate network depends solely on the person that referred you to the affiliate program…and it may just turn out that the person that referred you is still new to this as you are, if you are an aspiring affiliate marketer.

The training according to my perspective is not the type of training I would recommend as first class training…but don’t worry I got your back so I’m going to hook you up…Get Training here (all you have to do is read through it and sign up it’s that easy).


  • The banners are the 2nd best tools when coming to, because the banners are simply very stylish, converting and shows you your progress, in terms of the number of people you referred which makes things simpler if you have a website.
  • The other advantage is that there are some apps which you can use to refer people, because I once signed up under this guy that was using apps(found in Android App Store) to promote his affiliate link, which is also another cool feature.


And as far as tools are involved that is all I can say for now but I don’t know how to promote my affiliate link using apps so I will simplify everything for you!! catch me on my profile here.


OVERALL RANKING: 61 Out of 100

PRICE: $1.00

OWNER/S : Fortune 500 Partner Network