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Product Name :Video Traffic Academy Pro

Owner/s: Abhi Dwivedi


Price:$17,00 front-end

Verdict : 70 out of 100


What is Video Traffic Academy Pro?

This is a JVZoo that teaches people how to earn money online, but it focuses a lot more on the video marketing side of affiliate marketing, video traffic academy pro is a JVZoo product which is highly recommended for people that want to increase their website traffic and convert leads into sales.

It is a very detailed course that has a lot of other bonuses, of course it has some upsells, most online business models do nowadays, which can be quite annoying sometimes, especially in January when things get really bad, and you are working on a limited budget.

Unlike most products W/A doesn’t have upsells!

Although I’m not implying that video traffic academy pro is a scam, but it offers very little information on other ways of generating traffic , though I gotta hand it to them their video marketing course is stupendous, you won’t believe it! Though it pales in comparison to Wealthy Affiliate(WA).

I would also like to add that VidTraffic Accadem pro is a very hands-on course, which will help you increase your traffic dramatically if you apply what they teach, plus it’s also beginner friendly, and delivers fast results, in most cases.

What Can I Expect If I Purchase Their Product?

This course for me is a pretty straight-forward course with no detours, it will teach you how to leverage your videos, so that you can get the most your training.

You will get access to some very unique tools, step-by-step training videos and you will also be introduced to this course in such a way that you will learn everything topic by topic, to help newbies avoid analysis paralysis – which can have devastating effects on your brain and they don’t want that.

You will be introduced to some important and esoteric video sharing sites, and you will also be shown how to utilize these to their maximum potential.

You will also be taught how to create a video, and how to market that particular video so that you get maximum results fro your video campaigns- remember you will be taught all these things step-by-step.

What else? You will also be taught a little about adding pictures, graphics and subtitles to you videos to make them a lot more interesting, this is a crucial step, as your videos must be able to grab attention quickly, which is why this makes it a very crucial step for your videos.

And the there are some pretty sneaky , and yet perfectly ethical methods to help you hijack the search engines and rank high with very little effort on your part(evil laugh :-0 ).

VIDTraffic Academy , Their Tools, Training and Bonuses…

Once you purchase video traffic academy pro you will have access to the following content, training tools and bonuses…


  • The step-by-step strategic guide

  • The SyVID tool(software) – which allows you to upload tons of videos simultaneously and easily


  • Acess to SyVID video training academy – to teach you more about SyVID and how to leverage it.

  • Video traffic academy pro and bonuses – this will teach you how to get more traffic from your existing videos, the bonuses are designed to make things easier for you and also to level the steep learning curve.


  1. Social Boost:

    This bonus focuses on getting you to get traffic from social media and turning them into buyers/sales and leads

  2. Fast Skinny Profit Pack:

    This is more affiliate marketing-oriented, because it focuses on helping you pick offers to promote on clickbank, and creating a vlog with written content

  3. Wp Launch Theme:

    This is pretty self-explanatory, it is a product launch theme that allows you to get opt-ins and emails with selling anything, and this gets people to subscribe to your autoresponder, this technique is just genius.

  4. Easy Video Sales Page:

    This is a step-by-step guide for creating a video sales page, and how to integrate it into you website, this is compliments the next bonus perfectly read on…

  5. Covert Video Squeeze page creator:

    This is the heart of your affiliate marketing efforts, this will teach you how to create a squeeze page and get people directly into your autoresponder , so you can keep promoting to them over and over.

  6. Wp coupon:

    This is a pretty cool technique where you are taught how to create a QRscanner , for me, this is where I felt that video traffic academy pro, outdid most online businesses, by leveraging this new technology.It basically creates a mobile landing page!

  7. A WSO Graphics Editor :

    This is designed specifically for making your sales page look a lot more attractive so that your opt-in rates increase, and uses flash editor, to create buttons and list boxes.

  8. The Getting Traffic Video Series:

    You are going to be taught several ways of generating plenty of traffic from previous resell content **X** and selling it on ebay , this is a great technique, although I would feel it would be better if a person would hire a graphic designer and content creator from fiverr to simply create a simple 100 page PDF, instead of resell products, most of them are crap!

  9. Abstract Header Collection :

    This is a collection of abstract headers headers for your minisite, this is simply to make your website attractive to prospect and potential buyers.

My Judgement , And Sincere Advice To You…

Like I said in the beginning video traffic academy pro is stupendous, but it also does have its shortcomings especially when compared to elaborate products like wealthy affiliate, but however it does provide a lot f value to its users.

What I also liked was the fact that the video marketing was centered around a minisite, this is clearly the only legit way to build an online business(building a website that is) , and the fact that the traffic is quick and cumulative overtime, so you can focus on what really matters.

My sincere advice to you is that you compare it other products before buy it especially although I won’t stop you from buying the product altogether, as it is one of the decent few. Here is my verdict…

Just Don’t forget To Check out This Review!!!


  1. Hello and thanks for sharing. This program has tons of awesome information that can really help with building a successful online business. I believe that a program like this is great to help get traffic to your site.
    I may just have a go at this also.

    • Hi Norman

      Haven’t heard from you in a while thanks for taking the time to read through my review.

      This program does have its perks, but then again, it focuses mainly on video…it would be useful for anyone looking to customize their landing page by adding a video, and other such things.

      However the downside is that it would require you to build a vlog instead of a website, although nowadays these two are interchangeable, a vlog’s biggest source of traffic is video, which can be a problem to shy people.

      You can go for it, but you’re already a part of a great training platform. It has all the tools you need including hosting and 2 keyword tools, namely jaaxy and the w/a keyword tool.

      Great hearing from you again Norman 🙂

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