My Free Website builder Is a Good Free Website Builder

Product Name: My Free Website Builder

Overall Ranking: 70 out of 100
Price: Free and $25 for an Autoresponder
Owners: Ewen Chia

What is my free website Builder? Is it a good free website Builder?

My free website builder is a software that was developed by Ewen Chia. This is a great desktop software that comes with five free video tutorials that are created to help you use the software. This is one of the very few; good free website builders that can still be found online.

A lot of people may even doubt the fact that there is a website building software, I know, I was reluctant to download the software to my desktop…way back when I was still using windows. This software is great especially considering that it’s a software.

OK! Why Am I Speaking So Positively About This Software?

  • It Is completely free to build a website with it.
  • It has Video tutorials.
  • It is manually coded, this is great for SEO because your website speed will be quite high
  • You can also monetize your website when using this software.
  • There are only a few people using this software, is highly exclusive.
  • You can Build your website offline.
  • It has templates, so you can build your site easily

I especially like the fact that you can build your site offline as compared to building your website with online platforms such as wordpress, weebly and wix.

Then Comes the Bad, What Are They?

  • This software is a bit outdated
  • The templates are limited
  • You have to code it manually (this can be both good and bad).

This are some of the things that make people not to download this software because they feel that the only way to build a website online and getting your content published immediately.

And also the fact that you cannot edit your content website once it’s published is also a major bummer. This limits content improvement.

Who Can Actually Utilize This Software? Programmers And Advanced Affiliate Marketers.

This software and is easy to program, and you can actually build a very professional and a stunning website. There are video tutorials that help you…and although there are only five of these tutorials, these tutorials are very helpful, any affiliate marketer with a passion for building websites will easily build a website with this software.

This software however, is not for the beginners, since coding a website manually is very tedious and a very very delicate process, one screw up in the coding might cause the whole website to be slow/or worse denial of service.

This is definitely not for the beginners, especially if you don’t know anything about coding websites manually.

Training And Tools Overview

  • There are 5 video tutorials
  • The Software itself is a very useful tool
  • They have their own autoresponders and are very cheap.
  • Once-off hosting also sounds great

This is a great deal because all these are included for only $25, excluding the software, because the software is completely free


There is no support for people using this software because everything about this software is pretty straight-forward, for programmers and people that used to build websites, during the early days of the internet days, I mean waaay before google, anyone that used to build websites prior to that can easily used this software.

How Much Does This Website Building Software Cost?

It is completely free, You only pay for hosting, which costs around $10/year and then $15 for an autoresponder once-off that is!

This is quite an amazing deal, but please let me say, I cannot sell the software to you, why you might ask? It’s because I’m not affiliated to them whatsoever.

Usually I would warn you to stay away from anything that sounds too good to be true, but, I have personally the software and it awesome.

By the way I would Like to hear your thoughts, let’s discuss! Just leave your comments below and I’ll get back to you. 🙂