My Coffee Shop Millionaire Complaints

Name: Coffee Shop Millionaire
Overall Ranking: 57 Out Of 100
Price: $37/month + Multiple Upsells
Owners: Anthony Trister
Website: www coffeshopmillionaire com

What are my Coffee Shop Millionaire complaints?

This is an online affiliate marketing course that “helps people make people millions online” apparently, however there are a lot of coffee shop millionaire complaints circulating the internet right now, and I’m glad that I also have the privilege of voicing my opinion about this product.

Coffee Shop Millionaire is a training affiliate course designed to help people learn how to build a website and monetize it, but the name is just plain ridiculous, in the sense that it makes people think that they will become millionaires in just a short space of time.

Although they have an earnings disclaimer, they make people think that making money online without a list is possible. Having a million dollar list is not exactly a walk in the park, there is still the website building part and website branding part…and etc, etc.

The Good Vs The Bad…The Full Truth!

The Good…

  • They offer their product for a fairly low price on the front end.
  • They teach you the basics of affiliate marketing.
  • They are honest about the earning potential of their site.
  • These are the only three things that can be said about this affiiate marketing course/product, not looking very good if you were to consider Coffee Shop Millionaire as a reputable product.

This may come as a shock to you, but I’m afraid it is in fact so!

The Bad… And the ugly!

  • A lot of customers have lodged complaints against their products
  • A lot of upsells
  • They also like to entertain this silly notion of “INTERNET GURUS”- This word on the internet usually means that something is a SCAM.
  • Their training is outdated and is not up to date with the latest google’s algorithms.
  • They offer little to no support at all on their site.

The bad already outweighs the good, so already you can see that it would reflect negatively/poorly on your judgement as an indivdual to buy a product were the negative outweighs the positive: just saying. Then again who am I to judge.

Who Is Coffee Shop Millionaire For?

This training course is affiliate definitely designed for beginners only! Why do I say that it’s only for beginners?

It is because even an intermediate affiliate marketer knows that google has updated it’s algorithms and no longer considers websites merely because of number of backlinks linking to their site.

Advanced affiliate marketers will not be able to learn anything form this affiliate marketing course, meaning that if you already have a website that’s ranking on google, you would not want to replicate whatever this training has to offer… Meaning their training is simply poor.

This affiliate marketing course is not that good, neither do I recommend it to anyone, not even when your a beginner affiliate marketer.

Do they offer quality training…My answer is NO!

They say in their training that they can help you earn a money without an email list and a product of your own, is it really possible to make OVER $10 000 in just a few weeks without the basic skill of running an online business?

They also offer email marketing training, video marketing and other such basic affiliate marketing techniques, they don’t even cover enough about pay-per-click, which is like the gold mine of traffic for any affiliate marketer.

SUPPORT – Are they helpful enough?

You will be surprised by how there Is almost no communication at all on their site, and yet they claim to have active community of members. You will be surprised by what their definition of “active” is.

There were a lot of questions asked on the site, but the answers were never found, people were not replying to each other’s comments and there was almost no help at all.

This is site for me never made me feel good as affiliate marketer because, the simplest questions that were asked by beginners, I also asked some of those questions as a beginner don’t get me wrong!They went unanswered for almost 2 weeks.

In simple terms Coffee Shop Millionaire does NOT offer timely support plus you also can’t contact the owner directly.

So For How Much Can I Pay For This Product?

This product cost only $37. Haha, just busting your chops, it’s $37 on the front-end and then they force you to upsell to their “Six Figure Club” which cost $297 on top of that $37, plus you have to buy your own domain which costs roughly $10 plus monthly hosting of $5-10 per month.

That’s over $352, no in a single month if your serious about the training. That $352 can pay for your wealthy affiliate yearly membership which covers everything including the domain and the hosting.

So What Do I think Of This Affiliate Marketing Course?

This affiliate Marketing course is not only expensive, but it is also a waste of time, as an intermediate affiliate marketer I wouldn’t pay that much for that an affiliate marketing course, especially for that kind of outdated training.

I would like to thank you for reading this review until the end, plus if you have questions about this product leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you.