Make money Online Free in 7 steps

The Opportunity That The Internet Offers…

The internet is (almost) the only thing that is on people’s lips,and minds nowadays, that’s if you are not on social media or other internet related(social) platforms.

The internet has made things a lot easier than before, we can access  information faster than we ever could before, I believe that information should be free and that quality information is relevancy. I would also like to add that although the internet has made things a lot simple and presents people with other opportunities such as “make money online free” courses and other relevant material.

There’s more…we do not only have access to information, but we also have  the opportunity to take advantage of the information we  get access to and utilize it to our OWN benefit, it could be anything, from school research, or forensics, e-learning and other such things. So in this page I’ll be showing you how you can leverage the opportunities that the internet, especially google presents.

So let me break it down for you, and I can almost guarantee that if you follow all the instructions in this page, you will definitely succeed,  and will be well on your way to building a full-time online income.

Step 1 : You need to choose your niche, this could be anything…

If you have something you enjoy doing, like writing poems in your leisure time, or baseball, or computers, software, diet tips etc, the list is endless, possibilities, unfathomable! If you choose a niche you like, but don’t know anything about that, don’t worry that Google’s got you covered, you can do some research on it and get more info, and also use google alerts to keep you in the loop with the latest  news about your topic.

Although this doesn’t sound like much, it is a very important aspect of building an online business, you must also be warned that this is not some scam that will tell you that you will make money online free of charge and then turn around and charge you, check out this page out if you are interested in building an online business FOR FREE. Right, after you research a topic you go plan an outline of how you are going to structure your content and for this you will need a website, I’ll show you exactly where to build one, and remember, FRee of charge to you.

This is not the only aspect, in fact we’ve only covered the basics, in the next section I’ll show you where to start…

Step 2: Take Action And Build A Money Making Site, But How?

This is also an important step where you start building a business, it could with anyone of the following platforms: wordpress express, wordpress(main), wix, weebly or drupal. What else do we need for this phase? You will also need hosting, and secure-socket-layer(SSL) encryption in order to build a website that secures your user’s internet traffic. You may be asking yourself, what do I need SSL certificates for?

SSL offers a layer of encryption to visitors, and google has also demanded for SSL everywhere, as more and more phishing websites are built, I hope this cleared up that question, and you are going to need a domain for this too, what is a domain, a domain is that .com, .org, .net etc extension you see at the end of the website link, of course that is a prerequisite for all webmasters. I’ll also show you how to get a free domain.

Step 3: What else? The list goes on…

You are going to need an affiliate program, there are plenty of affiliate networks out there. One such affiliate network is ClickBank, the reason why I chose and recommend ClickBank is because of the quality products it offers, and also how the marketplace is easy to navigate through, this is the best affiliate network fore beginners.

How do you join one? You simply create an account and navigate to the marketplace, this is where you will find all products you can promote, based in your chosen niche. This is where we start monetizing your online business through these networks. There is more to affiliate networks than just being an affiliate, you can also be a product creator and get people to advertise your business for you on their site…but, these are advanced techniques that you can learn later once you have successfully created an income generating online business.

Step 4: Branding Through  Social Media & Offering Value…

if your site is not yet indexed by google you can get recognition by posting your website link to the your facebook, twitter, google plus and other social media platforms, but I will be dwelling into google+,  because it offers more value to you and your site, and it is also good for getting online credibility.

You can use google+ for earning your google authorship status, this allows google to index your social media photos, and get them to appear on google, when a search is made, like so…

You can also use rich snippets to get the same results, which builds more trust with not only google, but with the other search engines as well such as bing and yahoo, these are very important too. You will learn them as we go though the training.


Step 5: Getting Visual And Promoting Engagement Within Your Posts…

This is the part where you will be taught how to utilize images , to make people reading your posts/pages understand the type of message you are trying to convey to them, this is also an important aspect of building an online business. There are plenty of other things that are included in this section, I’m still lacking a bit in this department so, I’ll show you:

These are the lessons that will be offered in this stage…And they are outlined as follows:

This phase of the make money online training platform includes these simple easy to follow step-by-step instructions, and it also focuses on pinterest and customer perspective, which should be able to help you create content that converts leads into buyers, and also a broad overview of why you might want to get into creating videos for your blog or website.

Step 6: Catapulting Your Referrals – The Downhill Snowball Effect…

This simply means that once you have a site up and running, and you also have enough content, you should venture into other aspects of making money online, this is where all the hard work you are probably gonna put in will be getting built up into a snowball going down a mountain, it will start small and will get bigger and bigger as time goes by.

This phase of will be teaching you how make your site look stylish, professional, and also help you with leveraging other products you are going to sell, so basically from step 1-3 you will be building a solid foundation for you online skyscraper. Kyle said that “You are not in the process if building a mud hut, but you’re in the process of building a skyscaper”, a skyscraper needs a lot of patience and a solid foundation.


Step 7: Leveraging The Power Of Pay-Per-Click And Creating a Scaleable PPC Campaign

This is where you will now be getting into paid traffic, when you are already ranking on google, and  you will be shown how to conduct keyword research for your chosen niche using some unorthodox, yet ethical and powerful keyword research methods and techniques such as the alphabet soup technique, that are sure to get you ranking higher and raking in more online commissions.

And a word of advice to the noobs, please don’t enter the “make money online, how to make money online”niche and other related keywords, before you have a different niche website that is already ranking and has established you as a credible source of information on the online world.

When you done with the keyword research you will be taught other important aspects of ppc,  like how to bid and get more visitors to your website. And then you will be taken through the process of actually creating a ppc ad that will be shown to 100’s if not 1000’s of visitors.

When you’re done with this process you are going to have  to observe the results and choose an ad that converts best, hence making more money for less.

If  you want make money online free, these strategies will not fail you, but if you want to cut the learning curve…I recommend you…

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-Khanya Kea 🙂