Is Commission Code A Scam Or Is It Legit?

What is commission code? Commission code is an affiliate marketing course that should supposedly earn you money online instantly, ok then comes the biggest question…Is commission code a scam? I wouldn’t exactly say that commission code is a scam.

However there were a few aspects of it that raised my eyebrows, such as the fact that you can literally take one line of code and the immediately earn money, why then do you also need supporting material in your endeavors? Just an innocent question!

So why do I say that I do not know how to classify commission code? It is the fact that some people have made a great deal of money with this product, so I suppose it’s not all bad…but I wouldn’t exactly say that the results are as instantaneous as they make them out to be.

What Exactly Do You Get With Your Purchase The Commission Code?

You get access to their member’s area and their preexisting campaigns, what you need to understand is that you will get access to these campaigns, and these are the same campaigns that are used by other members as well.

What exactly do you do after receiving these campaigns , you are then required to copy an affiliate link, this comes in variety of configurations, this link is what they refer to as one line of code, although an affiliate link is technically some form of code, it’s also a bit misleading and underhanded.

This technique, builds so much hype around the product, and then even going as far as saying that you will be able to earn the same day…come on, like , really? It took me at least 10 posts on my website just to get indexed into google, and yes these campaigns are paid campaigns, but it is going to take a lot more than that just so you can make a decent income online.

You first have to understand your market, thus the term “affiliate marketing”! Affiliate marketing isn’t about, buying traffic and thinking your going to earn, it takes dedication, discipline and a lot of hard work, because you can’t always rely on those campaigns, you can’t use them over and over for the same market.

So is commission code a scam or is it legit? We are still to ponder and deliberate on that! What you get access to in this course are the following:

  • Pre-existing ad copy that is written and used by Ben Martin himself. (for email marketing)
  • You will also get access the “one line of code” (affiliate link)
  • Access to the commission code member’s area and training videos.

Although these are not the only things you will receive with your purchase, you will also get access to the following products and…


  • The Capture page mastery – focuses on conversion and increasing your opt-ins, leads and sales, because the more leads you have the higher the more higher your chances of earning, and making consistent online revenue.

  • Access to Segmenting secrets – helps increase your profits, I think that this one is self-explanatory!

  • Anatomy of a bonus page – which acts as a second bonus offer from Ben Martin, himself, this allows you to customize your landing page, it also allows you to incorporate your videos into your landing page to give it a personal feel..whatever tickles your fancy really!


I agree the bonuses are quite good, but can they deliver on their promise? I presume so, so I will give my unbiased opinion on commission code, from an observer’s perspective! I won’t lie this particular product I have never tried it , hence me and you have to ponder upon it together, until we reach some sort of a conclusion.


Is Commission Code Any Good? What are it’s Advantages?

  • The profitable out-of-the-box existing campaigns have earned a lot of people online commissions
  • It is also easy to setup — It takes only 15 minutes (according to Ben Martin).
  • It is really affordable –And it also has a 45 days money back guarantee.
  • It offers a lot of value – for a $15 (rounded-off) product.
  • It has a lot of testimonials.
  • Paid traffic methods to quickly send traffic to your
  • It is highly converting, mainly, because of it’s price
  • It has a great non-intrusive upsell model

Let me ask you this question again, is commission code a scam or is is legit? I’ m still undecided, you? Well…before you reach a conclusion, let us gather all the facts, before we even attempt to reach it! What now?


What Is The Downside Of This Product? Disadvantages!

  • Testimonials, can be faked, and played by actors
  • Paid traffic methods tend to get expensive, especially if not properly split-tested
  • Paid traffic methods usually imply that you have to spend a lot
  • It is hyped, some of the methods used are archaic, this includes things like: solo ads!
  • It is not community oriented – which may prove challenging for noobs.
  • Paid traffic is unpredictable, and short-term, this limits your business.

As you can see for yourself, that although the commission code is designed to be an easy training platform, and also relatively easy to setup, however, in any platform there are people that are always going to struggle, and that’s why a community is so important and central to the existence of any online business/training platform.


What Sort Of After-Sales Support Can I Expect From This Product?

This was the probably the deal-breaker for me, as with other products…lack of support! You can’t get directly in touch with Ben Martin, but you can only communicate to his support team, I mean, if the product is so legit , there would be no need for him to shy away from it!

There is no live chat, and a community to help you with any concerns you may have! This simply means that there is very limited support, and hence it cannot be timely!


Final Verdict! Let US Deliberate On It And Carry The Motion…

At the beginning of this review we asked a few question, a questions that need answers…

  1. Is commission code legit or is it a scam?
  • Legit but barely made the cut!
  1. Is commission code any good?
  • The answer is yes, but not totally, as with most online products.
  1. What is the downside of this product?
  • It’s misleading – promises overnight success and fast commissions.
  1. What sort of after-sales support can I expect from this product?
  • Honestly speaking, you can expect support…but it is very likely that the support team will get in touch with you after dealing with other people’s inquiries.
  • It is not community oriented and your questions are never answered almost instantaneously, in simple terms communication is asynchronous!

Considering some of these point some might agree and some might say that commission code is a scam, but you know what, let’s conclude that commission code is neutral, I don’t know how, but some would say it’s a scam, and some would say it’s legit, so let’s conclude it to be an open-ended training platform – it can work for some and not for other!

And before I forget…If you feel that there were some aspects of this review that weren’t really specific, and you would prefer I go into the in much detail, just drop me a comment or you can meet up with me on my profile at Wealthy Affiliate.



  1. Dave

    Thank you for your informative post. It’s hard for noobs because we don’t know where to start and can easily be scammed. This article helps us to prevent being falling victim by giving us a bit more info. There is so much stuff out there and it can be confusing. i think that making money online is harder than its advertised. I’ll check it out anyway. Thanks again.

    • admin

      Hi Dave

      I’m really glad I could help, that is exactly the reason why I started this blog, to provide people with information, because of a personal philosophy, which is…”information should be free and readily available”.

      I would also like to take the time to thank you for reading through my post, and also taking the time out to drop me a comment, anyways hope to hear from you again, and remember be vigilant! Ciao 😉


  2. jessie palaypay

    While I can’t make a conclusion on commission code until I investigate the product myself.

    Do they teach you how to do paid traffic correctly considering the amount of money that can be lost in doing it without knowledge?

    Also, have they ever followed through on a money back guarantee? I hear companies that offer this but end up making you jump through hoops.

    • admin

      Hi Jessie

      Those were my very thoughts exactly, I was wondering about the same thing…I’ve heard fewer complaints about Ben Martin’s system, so I’m guessing it’s performing a lot better than his previous products, such as commission resurrection, and the others.

      If I find any complaints about his system, believe me I will publish them on my website and I won’t hesitate to do so.  I really have mixed feelings about the product, there are so many scams online nowadays, it’s really hard to distinguish between the legit ones and the scams.

      LOL! Commission code for now, will just remain as a known-unknown!

      And I’m not even sure if they properly teach people how to leverage paid traffic, that’s something I do not know for a fact , but somehow his affiliates seem to be very happy with the results generated from his done-for-you campaigns

      –Khanya Kea

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