If You Want To Buy ClickBank Pirate Read This

Product Name: ClickBank Pirate
Overall Ranking: 50 out of 100
Price: $67 sign up fee and then $37 /Mon
Owners: David Blaze
Website: www.cbpirate.com

What Is ClickBank Pirate? Should You Buy It?

Clickbank Pirate is the most confusing product in the internet right now, because it’s sort of in the grey area. So should You buy it, usually I would say yes to any concept that involves building a website from scratch and monetizing it with affiliate links.

There is a very interesting concept behind Clickbank Pirate, like how is your site automatically monetized? This has to mean that there must be some content that has already been created for you, but I think this concept is a double-edged sword because google does not like duplicate content.

This is a system that is designed much like most of David Blaze’s products, which to drive traffic to content that is already created, but this is a big problem because google is constantly updating it’s algorithms…

If they discover something like that on your site, your toast! But wait why then did I rate this system so high if it’s a scam? What I will say is that this product is definitely not a scam, but their techniques are somewhat risky, and I know that an entrepreneur must be a risk taker, but not this kind of  risk.

There Are Good Things One Can Say About This System. What Are They?

  • No need to create content (although it’s a risky move)
  • Get started quite quickly and easily
  • Email Campaigns setup and ready to be sent to your prospects
  • It is an all-inclusive course which is also a plus+
  • There are plenty of affiliates promoting it which is also a good sign
  • It is a clickbank product, which adds weight to their claims.
  • They have very high converting squeeze pages.

As you can see for yourself that there is some value into what the Clickbank Pirate system has to offer, and considering that they run your campaigns for you really simplifies the process of having to setup an autoresponder and writing email campaigns.

What Are Some Of The Problems That You May Encounter When Using This System??

  • Your site runs the risk of being penalized by google.
  • It is a very hyped product.
  • Promises fast commissions (give me a break!)
  • This system offers some outdated training.
  • Unprofessional website design, I mean a pirate theme, really?
  • The referrals that you refer using your site are their property, read the FAQs yourself

This system works, but then it denies you  the opportunity to build your own list of prospects as an affiliate marketer…I mean, any inexperienced affiliate marketer has heard of the saying : “The money is in the List”.

So this is a clever plan of theirs to make their lists grow,so that even if you decide to quit their system…they will still be left with your referrals.

Who Really benefits From This System? This should be fun! Read On…

As a beginner affiliate marketer, there is the possibility of managing to make your first sale with this system, but it won’t  be you making the sale but their system,campaigns and autoresponder.

So as a beginner, you may make your first sale, which isn’t a complete waste of time after all, but who will you sell to the next time? So you are basically getting one-time referrals.

Then what happens the next time you have a product you want to sell?? Do you now see my point?

This product can benefit beginners for a little while, but in the end it will benefit the more advanced affiliate marketer that are running the entire system…A sale isn’t anything, you want a full-fledged business after your initial investment. Isn’t that so?

What happens if YOUR website (because of duplicate content) fails ? You basically have nothing to sustain you in the meantime. And this is a reality, and these things do happen especially if you are using duplicate content on your site.

What Sort Of Training Can These Guys Offer Me? Does It Provide Value?

You know that I’m always fair in my reviews, this product provides step-by -step video tutorial, but there are no live classes.

Training is conducted by the same people, this is bad because a single person does not have all the answers to all your affiliate marketing questions.

Plus what I discovered about this product is, they focus more on getting people to read their poorly produced Ebooks and PDFs, this is annoying because all the theory in the world cannot help you if you do not put it into practice.

However do I respect the fact that they do put forth some effort and create live webinars though, but I also disliked the fact that they do not allow members create training which can be accessed by other members.

What Sort Of Support Can I Expect With My Purchase?

When it comes to support this was the worst department of them all, the coaching they said they offered was completely pointless because it had little to no support.

You could not get in touch with David Blaze who is the product creator of Clickbank Pirate, it wasn’t horrible, but any program where you can’t contact the owner directly is a definite NO NO! For me anyways!

So How Much Can I  Buy Clickbank Pirate For?

You can buy ClickBank Pirate for $67 for the first month and then $37/mo afterwards. This makes sense as they were very straight from the onset about their different prices points.

This $67 is to pay for hosting and other resources that may be of vital importance to your success, at the end of the day you can see that this system does try to provide value and for that I do commend them.

I also liked the fact there were no hidden fees, and that it’s not an MLM.

Here’s What I Think Of ClickBank Pirate And My Sincere Advice To YOU

Although I think that there are some features that could be added to truly offer some value on this system.

This is not the greatest system out there, but you know you can make something from it, I did not like the fact that they let their affiliates post pre-made(duplicate) content, this was probably the greatest turn off for me.

The Internet Marketing game has changed a lot and this system is a bit outdated for my liking.





  1. thriftymom

    I enjoyed reading your review about Clickbank Pirate. Very informative and very entertaining. However, based on your review about this product, it seems like it’s pricey and risky.

    I agree with you that google will not rank websites with similar content. It is always better to post fresh new content if you want rankings and traffic from google.

    • admin

      Hi Ces

      I must say that you are absolutely right, google has become much more picky, with the type of websites it indexes nowadays, it’s even harder to get your website ranked.

      Duplicate content shows no professionalism, because after the 2012 penguin, google has become a lot more strict and also updated it’s algorithms to block out such things.

      I must also say that fresh content also makes google’s stock prices soar because after all it is a business.

      Thanks for dropping me a comment, and hope to hear from you again soon


  2. LindaB

    Thanks for the eye-opening review of this program. I have been looking at some of these Clickbank programs but agree with you about this one, it is missing what it would take for a newbie to succeed without a lot more work than is described.

    I am intrigued by the other program you referred to, Wealthy Affiliate. I am always interested in ongoing training and education. It seems like that offers a great deal of that along with great support from a community of people who have had the same problems when they first got started as any newbie would have.

    How has your experience been so far with Wealthy Affiliate? I like that you can “test drive” it before jumping in with both feet. Usually, a program that offers that has nothing to hide.

    • admin

      Hi Linda

      I must say that my experience thus far has been amazing, and I can’t possibly complain, as it would be unnecessary for me to do so, I’m not saying that wealthy affiliate is perfect, but the support you receive there is definitely and indubitably worth it.

      And while on that note, Clickbank Pirate an okay product, but it’s just one of those products that shut you out by payment walls, people like to try before they buy, that’s why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate, Lol and I’m pretty sure that you do too right?

      Anyways, thanks for taking the time to comment and hope to hear from you again.

  3. Karlo

    thank you for sharing with us review about Clickbank Pirate. I want to point out that you really explain in details everything that someone interesting in this program should know about. Like any product, there are some pros and cons about the program.
    Best regards and keep up the good work

    • admin

      Hi Karlo

      Clicbank Pirate has been a program that has been around for years and years, although I do not agree with the way they promote their product, there is some value in what they have to offer, and I’m also bound by principle to review these programs fairly and justly.

      And thanks, will definitely do!


  4. Jagi

    Nice review on ClickBank Pirate. I personally feel if I cannot organize a website in the way I feel fit, I wouldn’t be able to work with it at all. It would be more like working with a fixed widget then bringing my own concepts in. And you know how annoying some of those fix widgets can be.

    I’m all about making life easier by using products which actually provide real results. Another thing is, no need to create content, wouldn’t all the content of similar niches look the same? Google algorithm is pretty smart in my opinion, they know which content is unique and which is not. How would someone even get past that by using clickBank Pirate?

    • admin

      Hi Jagi

      I agree but some of the PLR articles do work, and that’s what surprises me, is why! I also agree that all content on a particular niche will only be spun content.

      And I don’t even know how they still manage to get past google’s algorithms.

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