I need to make money. But how?

Self- Identification, but this opportunity is still for everybody…

First of all, when somebody searches for something like “I need to make money” it usually means one of the three things  below:

  1. He/she is looking to make money to increase the one he/she currently has.
  2. Or probably looking to make some money without spending anything.
  3. He/she just wants to invest in something that will continue to generate him/her income for years to come.

So what you should probably ask yourself is, which category do you fall under, is it the first,second or third category. After determining that ask yourself, why do you need the money…now that, that’s out of the way we may continue.

If you fall in the first category your just a simply guy/lady looking to  create an extra stream of income for him/herself, after all it wouldn’t hurt to have something extra laid up in store for emergencies, or that sneaker/dress that you always wanted, would it?

If you fall in the second category, and I can relate to this one the most, your probably neck-deep in debt, or just a little cash strapped.

If you fall in the third category, you probably have some cash laid up in store and you just don’t wanna blow it, but you just want to invest it in something constructive, and yet not too costly , even if it’s free your willing to put in the work involved to make it work.

I want to tell you this, it doesn’t matter which category you fall under, what matters here is that you take action. Let me break it down for you if you are still not sure how this post will help you, I will be delving deeper into different ways you can earn money online, I mean who doesn’t wanna earn money online? all your “I need to make money” questions will be answered, if not I apologize in advance for wasting your time.

What’s The Big Idea? Stop going in circles and tell me!

I know the suspense must be killing you right now, I know it has been killing me too. There are several ways you can  earn online, namely:

Video Monetization and creation

  • You can be a simple video creator without a website and make a living off the internet with those videos. How though? well this process is very simple and probably the simplest of them all. You create a video focused on something you love and are pretty well-informed about it, then create a youtube channel, do some basic keyword research and then up load you videos with those keywords under tags.


  • You can be a ghostwriter for affiliate marketers at very high paying places such as  Iwriter, and  other similar platforms. This process involves writing articles roughly between 800-2000 words long for affiliate marketers that pay around $80-100 dollars per page, depending on the quality of your work. This is the most tedious, because it’s time consuming and really doesn’t pay that much.

Affiliate Marketing

  • Then there is affiliate marketing, which is probably my favorite, this process takes a lot more time to yield results, but the reward are worth it. Basically what you do in this process is a combination of the two preceding ways and then incorporating them into one website. Did I mention you need to build a website, but relax, it’s also free.

Can I really build a website for free, how do I do it? It’s simple really all you have to do is sign  up and create and account with Wealthy Affiliate, where you will be taken step-by-step into the process, or you could  build a website using on of the following reviewed platforms: Weebly, siterubix of Wix…and chose the one that woks best for you, did I forget to mention that wealthy affiliate also has wordpress express, plus it also answers your “I need to make money” questions.

So if you are looking for a real way to make money, for FREE, or are willing to invest something wealthy affiliate is for you, because it has both Free and Premium membership levels, so if your cash strapped, that’s okay with us, if your willing to go premium that’s also okay.

Wealthy affiliate is a community, we intend to help each and every single individual reach their financial goals, I know…it wouldn’t hurt to try, plus it’s free and you can cancel anytime you feel like it, I hope this will answer all “I need to make money” questions and  I also looking forward to working with you! :-).

And before I forget, if you feel like there is something that I left out and that this post wasn’t helpful at all, leave a comment, if it was helpful please don’t forget to share. Peace ;-).


  1. ririj

    This is great! Writing articles is definitely time consuming, but what is awesome is writing one’s own articles, it’s rewarding! I can do it from the comfort of my phone. I think lots of people would well with Wealthy Affiliate and should invest in it.

    Wealthy Affiliate certainly would not be an option for anyone who is looking for quick money, but if one is able to wait it out and build on it then it is great.

    • admin

      Hi Riri

      I’m glad that you feel that way, I’ve realized that a lot of people come with a different approach to online/affiliate marketing, they expect quick results…and end up quiting when they don’t see the results in 1 or 2 months.

      Whereas in the real world they know that it takes much longer to build a successful business…remember that Kyle said “We are not in the business of building mud huts but a skyscraper, and that skyscraper also needs a solid foundation”.

      I must say that I totally agree with you, wealthy affiliate is for people who are serious about affiliate marketing, and don’t treat is as a hobby, as they will also get hobby results…like you said it takes time!

      Like always, it’s always a pleasure to hear from you Riri and looking forward to hearing from you.


  2. Jack Taylor

    I have been looking for a place to learn how to make money online for a while now. I’m glad I came across your great article. I never heard of Wealthy Affiliates before today. I decided to take a chance and join Wealthy Affiliate today. Thanks for the great advice!


    • admin

      Hi Jack

      It’s always a pleasure helping people, all you have to do is stick with the training, no matter how long it may seem to take.

      I can assure you that you will definitely see the results, although I can’t guarantee when, but you’ll definitely see the result.

      Thanks for taking the time out to leave me a comment, it’s always a pleasure. Cheers


  3. Kendrick

    I am definitely looking to invest in something that will continue to make money for years to come! That was the main reason I have been searching the internet. Thanks for giving me clarity. I have to take action today if I want to secure my future. I have joined Wealthy Affiliate and I am on my way to a big bright future! Thanks for the advice.

    • admin

      Hi Kendrick

      I’m glad to hear that, now all you have to do is stick with it until the end, and you won’t regret it. Affiliate marketing is the best business model I know, I mean the concept is so simple to understand, and yet at the same time it requires a little bit of effort.

      It requires little investment, but has a great ROI. I just love it, hope you do too.

      Thanks for dropping by, looking forward to hearing from you again.


  4. Rob S.

    There’s ways to make money online but it isn’t so easy if you don’t know what you want or what you’re doing. Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money but you must have something that is going to show you how. Wealthy Affiliate is that program that will help you to success. It’s free with the best training ever. You may choose another way, but this is the way for me.

    • admin

      Hi Rob

      I’m really glad to hear you say that, you know if I knew about wealthy affiliate a 10 years ago, I don’t think I would have struggled so much just so I can go to college.

      And yes, I agree that their training is out of this world, I’ve even tried out a few other affiliate marketing institutions online, after I was signed up to wealthy affiliate of course, but I realized that most of them weren’t as thorough.

      They did have one thing in common though, they taught people how to make money online, but that wasn’t enough for me, as these programs lacked one thing…a community. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the way, I know it sound’s cliche but it’s true…and I’m sure you’d agree.

      Nice hearing from you Rob.


  5. Michel

    I was often tempted to do the writing articles for other people thing, but then I thought why waste time writing for other people when one can write for oneself and use that writing to create your own online business in the form of affiliate marketing.

    Writing for someone else pays you one time, but writing for yourself sometimes ends up paying you for years to come.

    • admin

      Hi Michel

      You know Michel, I’ve actually tried that business mode before, but it never worked out…although mine was a little different, I used to write articles and publish them and they would contain my affiliate links.

      That model didn’t work out, I though about it…like if I write 17 articles a month and publish them, and I get paid $100 at most, that would make me about $1700 a month, and then the next month it’s the same process over and over again…in simple terms, that model is time consuming.

      I also agree with you that, when you publish your content to your own website, they will keep paying you for years to come.


  6. Cathy

    I know that one of the ways to make money online is through blogging and partnering with affiliate programs. The problem is, I am not a good writer and it seems very costly to outsource this task.

    I mean – you do need A LOT of content to drive traffic right – so how do you get a blog going if you don’t have an excellent skill with it?

    Hope you can help me here.

    • admin

      Hi again Cathy

      Getting a blog going is very easy, I know that it sounds cliche’, but all you have to do is to know when to use keywords, not only that…you also have to develop your own writing technique, once you have that down, it’s pretty much downhill from there, and last but not least you have to create a scalable idea friendly site.

      This will help you in the long run, as it will provide you with the opportunity to create plenty of relevant content within your chosen niche. And keep creating content, the more you create content the better you will get at it, it’s just like everything else…you have to keep practicing it to get better at it.

      Hope this was helpful, until next time. Peace 😉

  7. Stephen

    Hello friend,

    This is a very great article you have written. All the three ways you listed above are such a wonderful ways of making money online. However, i think among the three i will personally go in for that of Video Monetization and creation and affiliate affiliate marketing. I think they are such a wonderful way of making money online.

    I don’t think I will go in for ghost writing as you clearly explain that it is time consuming however the money involve is very small. i don’t think I will waste my time to write an article for about 800 to 2000 just to receive about $80-100 dollars per page.

    But my question is i really want to create a video and upload it on Youtube but can you help me learn how to create create a video i will be very happy.

    I will be very happy to hear from you.

    • admin

      Hi Stephen,

      I would love to help you out in all your affiliate marketing endeavors, so here’s the breakdown… in 4 simple steps.

      1. create an account with google.

      2. sign into you gmail account and search for youtube,

      3. Download a screencast software, depending on your architecture, and then shoot the video and store it on your PC.

      4. Navigate to youtube, you will see an arrow on your top right, click on it and then navigate to the video you want to upload, then you’ll be done…haha just wait for it to finish uploading first.

      Hope this was helpful Stephen, and I hope ti hear from you again, cheers…and remember, I’m always here to help, should you feel overwhelmed, I’m just a few clicks and keystrokes away! Peace 🙂

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