How To Monetize A Blog On A Blogger Platform

The Importance of Using And Monetizing Blogger Properly! Taking Things Careful Consideration.

Blogger, unlike other website building platforms, it’s free and it’s also part of google, kind of like youtube…although you should really know how to monetize a blog on a blogger platform, as it widely differs from how one would monetize a blog on other domains and platforms.

There are certain procedures like the fact an affiliate link cannot be used more than twice in a single post on Blogger, and even if you do, please avoid overusing them, as this might cause your website to lose rankings.

Here are more important  factors you need to take into consideration when using Blogger:

  1. It is very important for your blogger website to have nofollow links.
  2. At the same time, it must have “some” Dofollow links.
  3. Avoid using PLR articles.

And a few words of advice, please if you are involved in the adult niche, do yourself a favor and stay away from blogger as it does not allow bloggers to link to porn sites, and also, it does not allow people to use their platform to inject malicious code into people’s PCs.

If you adhere to all these terms you are well on your way to building a successful blog, and the and this also gives you an advantage as google trusts their own domains.


What Are the advantages of using Blogger? Blogger is a trusted platform

There are a lot of ways that one can monetize their blogger platform, one way would be to buy a google custom domain, and switch from the .blogspot domain. Notice that the domain you will be buying is sold by google, meaning that trust is not an issue anymore.

Although this strategy might seem useless at the moment, there are some serendipitous side-effects to all of this…if you create high-quality content, google will recognize you quicker, it will crawl your website faster, hence indexing your website at remarkable speeds, although I can’t promise you that if you don’t create high-quality content.


How to monetize a blog on blogger using google AdSense, this is definitely the best part about building your website on a blogger platform. Adsense is already integrated into blogger, so what you basically need to to do is to merely create an AdSense account, and it’s very unlikely that you will be turned down by google.

Why? Because you’re using their platform and that gives you an advantage.


Affiliate Links And Their Use? What I Recommend!

Although blogger has some perks that are still enshrouded by mystery, it’s very clear on their use of affiliate links, so what should I do, in order to circumvent this and retain my rankings and site quality? What you can do is to strictly monetize your blogger site using amazon.

This would require you to choose a specific niche, other than affiliate marketing. Amazon still has a lot of limits when it comes to affiliate marketing products.

Other affiliate networks besides AdSense and Amazon are definitely out of the question as they may cause you to lose rankings, we don’t want that…we want to gobble all the first-page traffic.

Is Blogger Easy To Use?

Although blogger has a lot of perks,  it also has it’s shortcomings when it comes to functionality. There are few flaws in their user interface. It is a bit hard to use, and has a complicated back-office that makes managing your site a tedious task, “how to monetize a blog on a blogger platform without technical know how” may be a hard question to answer.

However, blogger also has  a nice feature that actually allows you to create an app for your website, and what I also liked was the fact that it’s for those that use the .blogspot extension and for those who don’t…so if you can write a code that can also be a great feature for you.

Hope this somehow offered some valuable insight on how to monetize a blog on a blogger platform, but if you feel that this post was uninformative, or you just want me to address some more critical points that I may have failed to mention , just drop me a comment below and I’ll definitely get back to you. 😉


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