How To Make Money Online Free…Using Video Marketing

This post is dedicated to giving you the tools you need to get up and running with your video marketing endeavors, video is very powerful because it does not only  alert google of your search presence, it also tells google that your site can be trusted.

There are different types of screencast softwares to choose from…I may not know a lot of those, but I know quite a few for the 3 main operating systems, which are: Linux, Windows and Mac.

So if you are using windows you probably have a lot of options to choose from because, with windows everything is very simplified…you may download Screen-o-Matic, Jing and Camtasia.

If you are using Linux Ubuntu or any linux distro such as kali and tails you can download: RecordMyDesktop and kazaam. If you are using Mac you can download Snagit, Camtasia studio and Monosnap.

These are just the basics of what we need to record a very professional High Definition Video, HD videos tend to rank higher.

How To Conduct Yourself When Recording Your Video…Very Important!!

1. Although the objective is to get a sale at the end of the day don’t just bombard people with paid offers, before you build a relationship with them, first you have to get them to trust you.

2. Never ever stutter in a video…if you are born that way…I’m sorry video marketing is not for you.

3. Never ever sound like a sales page. (people hate those)

4. Always show your prospects that you have their best interests at heart.

5. Configure your video while it is still on your desktop, because I learned that if your video is labeled with the keywords you want to rank for before it is uploaded, that adds weight to your video, also configure your video with the keywords you want to rank for.

I will release this video configuring technique when I get the chance.

6. Make sure that your voice is audible.

7. Target Keywords related to your niche.

8. Always upload your videos in HD.

9. Offer your prospects some value on your site…don’t let your prospects visit a site that is full of ads, and make sure that your website speed and load time is fast.

10.Make sure that within the first 48 hours you share your video to facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram and Apsense If you have. Make sure you have at least three of the above accounts.

This will keep your prospects interested and when they get to your site and find high quality content they will be more likely to return…this is why video marketing is very important to seo, and also if you have the chance to make make sure you purchase the ALL-IN-ONE-SEO pro plugin for your video sitemap. This will also bump your rankings up a little.

Where can you distribute your video after configuring it?

There are a lot of video distribution websites out there, but there are only five that google takes seriously, due to the quality of the videos they publish on their site.

1. YouTube- As a lot of people know that it is a part of google, and google take their platforms very seriously.

2. Veoh – this is the 2nd best video distribution platform. Google respects this platform, almost as much as Youtube

3. Metacafe- which is also great, especially if your in E-learning niche, but it works for other platforms as well.

4.Daily Motion- This is the 3rd best video distribution platform, and it’s a very great platform because the videos can easily rank very high in google.

5.And lastly Vimeo- this is also one of the best because I have seen some of their videos getting ranked very high in google.

The above video distribution online platforms are the best and it would work in your favor if you have accounts with all of them, because it will build backlinks for your video.

Google is going to love that and will rank your website very high in the other search engines apart from than google.

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