Getting Started

How to get started online.


Glad you made it to this page, read on because you are not going to regret you did. Have you been searching the internet diligently night after night, day after day?

I know and feel your pain, because I have been there personally, and it’s not an ideal situation to find yourself in because it can be quite inconveniencing.mmo

There were times when I never made a dime online and almost driven to despair, I started doubting whether or not there was money to be earned online, although I would recommend that you do not go into affiliate marketing because of the earning potential, let not money be your biggest motivation, because you will lose patience.

I know I have also been there also, but to me it worked in my favour because the more I learnt the perks of internet marketing the more I loved it.

So I guess you can say they had an adverse effect, instead of making me fall out of love with affiliate marketing it only made me want to learn more, you can do so at Wealthy Affiliate.

Just check out the high quality video training there…

Here is a Breakdown of what YOU are going to learn at Wealthy Affiliate

Before I continue, I would like to implore you to read on because I have your best interest at heart, believe, I have been where you are and have had my fair share of scammers making away with my money, and I don’t want you to experience the same.

Now that that’s out of the way I would like to tell that there is the starter option at Wealthy Affiliate it’s COMPLETELY FREE forever, and what you get with your starter membership is:

  • 2 free websites
  • Live Chat Access Selection_004
  • Pesonal help and support
  • A training library with:
    • Video Classes
    • Interactive Tutorials
    • Courses
    • Entire Classrooms
  • Fully functional WordPress site
  • Free hosting

And yes you get all this for $0.

Building out your Free websites

It very crucial after building your website to immediately start adding content therein, because one thing I learned at Wealthy Affiliate were these very profound and yet true words “Success is cumulative in nature”.

So don’t go there with the concept of making easy money, because if you do that you are much more likely to have a spectacular start and an epic fail in the end.

You can learn a lot about affiliate marketing at WA in a day than with other affiliate training courses out there, and I’m not simply saying this because I’m biased, but because I have tried out some affiliate courses, but the results were always the same.Selection_001

You will also be getting the Jaaxy keyword tool for free, which provides you with 30 free searches to help you find keywords for a specific niche, which will depend solely on you. You also want your website name to correspond to your preferred niche.

I addition to all those free feature, and you can be rest assured, free will not change it’s meaning during the lapse of time,although I would encourage you to go premium as soon as the trial ends, but hey, no rush!

And these are just the basics of adding content on your site, there’s an entire course on this as well, and you would be wise to check it out.

Thanks for reading through and staying with me, let’s go INSIDE AND DO THIS TOGETHER, and if you have any questions, just drop me a comment below and I would gladly answer any question you might have. CIAO.