Free WEB Hosting



Personally I know only three free web hosting companies, and let me be the first to say that all of these three do offer, quality hosting although they are free. I know of Wix hosting, meaning that your site will have a .wix extension like most free hosting companies do.

Free Web hosting isn’t bad, especially the three that I’m about to put side by side I‘ll give you a detailed overview of how they work, their restrictions and limitations. Here are the three free web hosting that I know of:

  • Siterubix hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Wix hosting


Right I’m going to begin with siterubix, siterubix is hosting company owned by Kyle and Carson it provides free hosting to all websites that are built on the wealthy affiliate platform, and what I like about this hosting in particular is that it’s very exclusive.

There are other factors that I have not seen anywhere else, like the site monitor, it monitors site health, tells you how well your site is doing, the number of pages indexed and henceforth, plus they don’t reveal your site’s details, like most hosting sites do even the paid ones.

So it gives you a head start on the competition because it does not reveal your details. Therefore while your competition’s paid hosting provider is selling him out, your free hosting provider is protecting you from your competition.

This is the best in my book but hey, you always have a choice…I’m merely trying to steer you in the right direction…There are other hosting providers/companies.


Although WordPress as website building platform is among the best yet it does have it’s flaws…but who can blame them, they took a lot of effort perfecting their platform that they could not have time to worry about trivial things like hosting, and don’t get me wrong their hosting is still high quality.


WordPress hosting is only $13 per year and there is also the free option that has a .wordpress extension, but if you choose to use the free hosting option on WordPress you might meet some unforeseen challenges therefore, let me take it upon myself to tell you of the limitations.

When building your site on a free wordpress hosted server, you might find that you should never use an affiliate link more than twice on the same page, and others such factor, plus your information is not that safe.

There is an upside to wordpress, the paid option unlocks everything to you, meaning it give you access to all features without restrictions, and keeps your information much more secure, your website is also likely to rank well.

In simple terms I do not recommend WordPress’ free option, but the paid one…and going for the paid option is also not recommended especially if you are still at the beginner level in this Internet Marketing world.

Wix Hosting

Wix also operates more like WordPress but what I like about the wix free  hosting option, is the fact that your site is much more likely to rank faster, and the number of plugins you have access to even when using the .wix free hosting option…


They don’t beat wordpress’ plugins, but you have access to a few, that is until your site is hosted on a paid platform, wix does things a little differently in that department and that’s what makes it so cool.

Hope you enjoyed reading through this recommendation page, and if you have questions about other free hosting companies or the ones in this page just leave me a comment or halla at me on my profile and I’ll get back to you. Toodles. 😉