Forever Affiliate Product Review


OVERALL RANKING: 71 Out of 100
PRICE : $97 + (297 Upsell for coaching)
OWNER/S: Andrew Hansen

What is it about this product, does it work?

This is a training website that helps you earn online with different affiliate programs, in simple terms it teaches you how to become a super affiliate! The only problem is it has no affiliate program of it’s own…that’s just sad, you can’t even leverage it.

Indeed it is so but nonetheless there is a lot of good to be said about this affiliate program, the only problem is that this site is “dated”, and kind of make the site look outdated…I mean 2013 affiliate marketing techniques have change overtime don’t you think?
There is still one irrefutable fact about forever affiliate, it does still help people earn online.

There were some things I liked and some things I also disliked!!

There are but a few elements within forever affiliate that I really liked, like how to create Mini-Sites which do earn some revenue.What I really disliked about forever affiliate was the marketing techniques used to drive traffic, they do bring free traffic but they are not really scalable over a period of time.

They use backlinks to also drive traffic which is highly risky, and could really hurt your online ranking and your online presence.

Why I liked the idea of Mini-Sites and other factors(pros)

I liked the idea of mini-sites because they take very little effort to start profiting.
Mini-sites are websites that have a limited number of pages which you can then use to drive traffic to an affiliate link, through content, very simple to do.

The backlink traffic driving technique is not one of the best, because overtime these may also impact on the rankings of your site if not used properly, and the training is not very thorough in regards to the use of these backlinks…but it does help you earn quickly.

There is some money to be made there( but very limited possibilities.

Why I don’t like the techniques used to drive traffic(cons)

  • They use backlinks to drive traffic, this can either help or kill your website presence.
  • These backlink building techniques are so last year!!
  • They don’t show you how to really make a killing online, through the use of other different marketing techniques like pay-per-click…Learn about it here.
  • Mini-Sites are more likely to lose rankings much more quicker than real well constructed sites.


It goes without saying that this program is indeed suitable for anyone who wants to prove to themselves that they can earn a living online, this is for (beginners but not advanced affiliate marketers) because it doesn’t help you to earn using multiple affiliate networks and programs online.

In simple terms it teaches you affiliate marketing but in a shallow manner it does not equip you with every necessary skill in respect to  affiliate marketing.

And there is this Guru saga about Andrew Hansen teaming up with a guru wannabe…If you know me, you’ll know that I don’t do Gurus…N0!!
In a nutshell money can be made, not really scaleable over a long period of time, no internet lifestyle (Automation).

And please if you feel that I didn’t answer some of your questions concerning forever affiliate please drop me a comment and I’ll get back to you and also work on improving the content in order to answer more and more difficult questions over time…Ciao!!

OVERALL RANKING: 71 Out of 100

PRICE : $97 + ($297 Upsell for coaching)

OWNER/S: Andrew Hansen




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