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Product Name : Fan Page Money Method

Ranking : 14 out of 100

Owner/s : Michael Chenney

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Verdict: Definitely a scam

What is Fan Page Money method?, We’ll Be Covering All Of That In This Review!

In this review we’ll be looking and analyzing fan page money method from all angles, including the business model, and why it is bound to fail you, here’s what really gave it away.

  1. Done-for-you-campaigns – most of the time programs that offer these type of products are mostly scams, kind of like commission code, which turned out to be a scam!

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  2. It offers fast commissions – I don’t know about you, but I do know that fast commissions are a big NO-NO in the online space – he took it a step further and said that you’ll be able to earn money in 7 minutes – these are very unrealistic claims, but hey, anything to sell your product right???
  3. It is copy and paste simple – wouldn’t everybody that knows how to copy and paste be earning with this product??
  4. Although generating traffic with facebook is almost instantaneous – it does not guarantee sales, this is why a squeeze page is very important!

This fan page money method review will basically look at the following aspects of facebook marketing

  • How to build a following on facebook, and how long it will possibly take.
  • How many fans, reshares and likes would it take to build a decent fan page.
  • Facebook ads
  • Collecting Affiliate links

Without these, it would not be easy to get enough traffic, a following on your facebook fan page allows you to consistently stay in touch with potential prospects and also gives you access to people’s emails, kind of like a “two birds with one stone kind of scenario”, however we do know that building such following is not only time consuming, but it may also cost you money…Yet Chenney promises you that you can do this for free or even less.


How Long would It Normally Take To gain Just 10000 followers?

It would take a considerable amount of time just to gain 10000 followers, and we are not just looking at the fact that you want to build a following, it will also have to be people that are looking for exactly what you offer them, what does this mean for you?

It means you are not only going to go to facebook ads to research demographics and psychographics, but also who is likely to buy, which age group etc, afterwards you are going to have to use your fan page as a landing page for your offer, and please keep in mind that you have to at least know your market in order to get them to join, this takes a lot more time on facebook!

–so can this be done in 7 minutes? the answer is NO! this was an unrealistic claim, to get people to your fan page money method review, that also needs content, your fan page need to have a lot of content in order to convert, this also takes time.

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Think of the number of reshares you are going to need to achieve that stupendous number. – might take months/weeks depending on your level of experience.

1. Done-for-you campaigns

Are they proven to convert, yes for Chenney, but on facebook you also need to develop your own unique way of selling, these campaigns are  just so that your fan page can have some content, and it might get you some subscribers, and even if you use facebook ads , it would still take people a lot of time to trust you.

Building trust takes time – people usually respond after the 4th – 7th contact – you cannot send that many emails in 7 minutes, although you can try if you want to lose your potential prospects and buyers.


2. Fast Commissions

This will require you to have some email swipes, and an autoresponder in place and on-demand, what else? You will also need to notify people upfront that by joining your fan page, they are also subscribing to your mailing list…otherwise it might cause some privacy issues.

People like to be offered value, what will happen even if they subscribe to your mailing list anyway, what sort of value can you offer to them? You see, all these things are going to take time, and to think you can do them in 7 minutes is absurd!


3. It Is Copy And Paste Simple

So can you make commissions on facebook, by simply posting a line of code, heck I know a thing or two about facebook and that even sounds ridiculous to me, wouldn’t all users,b on facebook be helping each other make a quick buck,  it only takes a simple line of “code” , I’m actually very sick of these scams!

The line of code isn’t even mentioned when you get onto the member’s area!


4. Facebook Ads and email – traffic is instantaneous, but doesn’t guarantee sales

The logic here, is that your facebook fan page will act as a website and landing page, and since people are already using their emails, you can use these in your autoresponder in an non-intrusive way, so they say, and they don’t even tell subscribers that.

And then buy facebook ads so that you can send them your fan page money method review to get them to subscribe to your fan page, afterwards you import the emails csv files to you autoresponder and create an email follow-up series with some affiliate links and hope you will make sales.

-Here are the flaws of using  this method

  • It is intrusive
  • It is not easy to get people to subscribe a review fan page
  • A waste of time, resources and money.


5.Collecting Affiliate Links

This is where you attempt to monetize your facebook fan page by creating a squeeze page to get people to your products or your offer, this is totally understandable and very realistic.

At least this is one thing that Chenney got right – although you can find plenty of videos showing you how to join 1000’s,  if not 100’s of 1000’s of affiliate networks.


What’s My Verdict:

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