Drupal website platform.

What is Drupal, This Question Needs To Be Addressed!!

Drupal is a website building platform, just like WordPress, Weebly, Wix, and Siterubix, although Drupal is slightly more advanced than all these platforms. Is being an advanced platform a good thing or a bad thing? This is the question of discussion today.

How is Drupal different from the other website building platforms? It’s because drupal is for people that can write a code, but which programming language specifically? Advanced HTML and PHP…yep it’s that advanced that even programmers that know this language need to achieve a certain level of skill in order to be able to use this platform properly and effectively.

So, as you can see that this platform is definitely for programmers, and not just any programmer,  but a seasoned programmer. What if you’re not a programmer? Can you still use it? Of course, you can! It’s free and can be run on any local or global server(being sarcastic, drupal is not for the faint of heart).


So, What Problems Will I Encounter If I Use This Platform? 

This is definitely a question that needs to be answered as soon as now, before we proceed any further! The problem/s that most people will face (programmers and non-programmers) is the fact that you actually have to understand the syntax of the language used to write drupal.

Here’s an example of how one operates drupal

/* first bring it to scope */
    global $base_url;

    $html_string = '';

If you understand the previous statement then your good to go, but if you don’t…you’ll have to learn how to code first, and I can tell from my own experience that, it’s no as easy as it is made out to be, it’s like learning a new language from scratch, so you can imagine the amount of research, coding and studying involved…it’s not easy, believe me!

Here are some of the disadvanges of using Drupal:

  • It uses HTML5 which is a lot easier to hack(even with bootstrap).
  • It is not user-friendly.
  • If you can’t code chances are, you may probably misconfigure your website.
  • It is very hard to install.
  • If you generate a lot of traffic the system administrator may shut down your site as it will generate a big server load.
  • A bit outdated, if you compare it to wordpress and the other website building platforms.
  • Harder to manage your content as your site matures.

As far as drupal goes this is what I know for a fact! However, there are some advantages to using this type of a content management system, especially if you’re used to it.


What Are the advantages of using drupal?

There are some perks to using drupal, but this is, only known by programmers because they have an idea of how to make their websites faster and more secure than some wordpress users, and since it’s open source it gives you root privileges as a site administrator.

What are the advantages of having root privileges?

  • It is highly customizable.
  • It is free(open-source).
  • There is community support, which takes some of the pressure off, from you.
  • There are plenty of plugins for drupal too.
  • You can create your own plugins(just like wordpress).
  • Advanced user management– which allows you let people modify parts of your site, and restricting them access other parts of your site, without hassles.

Now as you can see, drupal, like any other platform, it has it’s advantages and disadvantages, however this is platform for me still works, this type of environment is a plus for people who want to master HTML, meaning that you’re coding and doing something constructive at the same time. Although learning a programming language from scratch is also out of the question, especially if you want to build a website as soon as today.

Here’s What I Recommend! It’s Free, Just Check It Out!

And please, don’t forget to comment, if you feel that there is something that I may have skipped in this review, just tell me about it, by dropping a comment down and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Peace!



  1. Glen

    Drupal is a Content Management System (CMS) much like WordPress and Joomla.They are all open source. I tried Joomla before I moved over to using WordPress as my CMS of choice. I briefly looked at Drupal, but decided I did not want to be a programmer. As you pointed out, Drupal can be customized, which is a big benefit for some.

    • admin

      Hi Glen

      What I like about drupal is the fact that you can actually make it a lot more secure if you know how, but there is also a downside, not everyone is a programmer, and a lot of people also want to build websites to generate some income online.

  2. Simon Crowe in Asia

    I can see how someone with an advanced knowledge of programming and coding will be attracted to the Drupal website platform.

    I’m afraid I’m not advanced but can’t find my way around the html of any post I’m writing, but I am very happy with WordPress.

    With premium themes at WordPress you have more customisable options and you don’t need to know css. Im fact, I just purchased the Schema theme and whenever I want anything changing I just send a request to their support team and they write custom css code for me! Great service!

    • admin

      Hi Simon

      I can understand why you’re comfortable with wordpress, I like it too, I find drupal a bit daunting, It involves a lot of unnecessary coding.

      And I just like the convenience that wordpress has to offer as compared to Drupal. It is a lot more safe, unlike drupal, where one misconfiguration can lead to your site getting hacked. It’s risky I tell you.

      Haha, wow, that’s genius! but imagine having to do that each and every time you write a post.

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