DreamWeaver Free Website Building And Hosting

Dreamweaver Free Website Building And Hosting, What Is It Exactly?

Dreamweaver is a bootstrap software used by most programmers, to build websites that are super fast, this will make their site/s rank higher and faster on google since website speed also affects rankings,but there are a lot of downsides to the dreamweaver free website building and hosting software.

The problem with building your site with dreamweaver is that, although dreamweaver-built websites have unprecedented speed, it is also NOT very beginner and user-friendly, it is almost impossible to understand.

The basic instructions of this software are not only a mystery to the average Joe, but they are almost impossible to understand, not to talk of using it to build a site…The software in itself, has a lot of uses, not just website building and hosting.

The DreamWeaver Hosting Software Juxtaposed To Online Platforms.

The problem is that your site will not be visible to the public as you build, except on this insanely hard-to-use software, meaning google will only know about your site once it’s built. It is a lot of hard work, and having to code manually, ain’t exactly doing justice to their hosting.

There are easier to use website building and hosting softwares out there such as Siterubix, WordPress, wix and MyFreeWebsiteBuilder. These are the top 5 and leading website building and hosting platforms…weebly MIGHT also be included, but it’s not that great.

Comparing DreamWeaver with the other online website building and hosting platforms, you can see that although speed matter, it’s not always the answer to give yourself a lot of work for nothing. I know there are great programmers out there that can build nice looking sites using Dreamweaver.

What takes me a minute can take a DreamWeaver web designer hours and hours, just to get their site up and running with a very basic template, I mean starting with a template, using codes and a lot more just to design a template…then coding it and testing it, if it run smoothly or not.

DreamWeaver VS The New Kids Wix, Weebly, MyFreeWebsiteBuilder and WordPress.

DreamWeaver is Very reputable and can be used to create custom plugins, which is great..but people that usually use DreamWeaver to increase website speed and rank faster. DreamWeaver has also been around for a lot of years..I’m talking WAAAY BACK, in the days of “the internet” and I’m talking about WAAY BEFORE Google.

DreamWeaver to some extent played a major role in the construction of Google, it is no wonder Google respects websites that are built using this tool. Although this might be the case. DreamWeaver is just plain hard to use especially if you are not even a programmer, or web developer.

The New Kids on the block Siterubix, WordPress, MyFreeWebsiteBuilder, Wix and Weebly might not be as reputable as DreamWeaver, but then again Dreamweaver is also not user-friendly. The new kids on the block however, is that they are very user-friendly.

There are also many factors that make the new kids on the block much more favorable…like not having to understand PROGRAMMING HTML, PHP and Javascript just to be able to use their platform. In a simple terms these newer platforms have cut the work needed to build a website by early 90%.

Hence they are more favorable as compared to Dreamweaver. If you feel that I did not explain Dreamweaver hosting in depth please leave your questions below and I’ll get back to you.