Commission Junction The Best Affiliate Ad Network

Overall Ranking: 90 out of 100
Price: $0 (for Affiliates Only)
Owners: Organisation hence UNKNOWN

What is Commission Junction? Or What is an affiliate Network?

Commission Junction is an affiliate ad network, that offers really high quality information products such as ebooks, video marketing courses and even softwares. It also has the publisher feature which allows people to create their own products and look for affiliates to sell them for them.

Then comes the question what is an affiliate marketer? An affiliate marketer is somebody that builds a site that revolves around a particular niche (depending on the individual), and then sells other people’s created products on his/her site…these products are created by what is referred to as product creators, or “publishers”.

What Are Some Of The Advantages Of Being Affiliated To Commission Junction?

  • It is a free affiliate network
  • It offers very high quality products
  • It has a great payment system which is run by the administrators of the site, this can be beneficial in the long run, because you will be able to earn and withdraw your monthly commissions
  • It also has great features like adding your site to your dashboard, which in some way gives you a backlink, and boosts your google rankings in some way.
  • It is has a very easy to understand back office for both publishers and affiliate marketers.

These are just a few of the advantages I decided to cover on this page, there are other advantages like the fact that it shows your statistics on your dashboard, conversion rates, links and tracking…and you get all this for free.


The Disadvantages Of This Affiliate Network?

There is a few number of people, using this affiliate network, not due to bad credibility, but because a lot of people prefer Clickbank. I don’t know why commission Junction has not surpassed Clickbank in terms of the number of affiliates promoting it, but I think the main reason is because Clickbank has a lot of well-known products such as Google Sniper and Affilorama

I know I joined Clickbank because of those two products.

As A Beginner, Would I be Able To Benefit From This Affiliate Ad Network?

This affiliate network is mostly for product creators, intermediate and advanced affiliate marketers, why do I say that? It’s because during the sign up process you are required to fill in the blank space that reads “website/s” and some people, are just looking for an affiliate link, build a squeeze page for their link, get it hosted and start promoting it.

This is how a lot of affiliate marketers started out online, but with this process…I was spending more than I was earning. There are others that are still using archaic affiliate marketing tricks like “bum marketing”…this is a technique were a person collects an Affiliate link from an affiliate network and start writing articles related to that.

These techniques are great for beginners and I know that there are people out there still using the same techniques. This brings me back to my point that Commission Junction is not really beginner friendly.

What Sort Of Training Can I Expect to Receive From This Affiliate Network?

First of all the greatest part about this affiliate ad network is the fact that it also has manuals on how to use their tools, backoffice and everything else you need to know. It’s no wonder, because it’s so straight-forward there is really no need to learn that much about it.

And the fact that it’s payment is usually handled by the admin, takes all the stress away knowing you will receive what is due to you.

Does This Affiliate Ad Network Offer Support? Can I expect To Pay Anything before I get Support From Them?

They offer really great support, you can contact them via phone which is also a great feature and they send you your One-Time-Pin (OTP) to call them and when the call is ended you can’t use that pin again.

This makes their website full of support and also creates a safe environment for you as a user of their site. You can’t contact the owner directly which is a bit of a downer but the fact that you get in touch with them whenever you need to, is an awesome feature to me…support means everything to me.

I also like the fact that they are so concerned about their Affiliates and Product Creators that they offer immediate support. This kind of support is offered for each and every one of their affiliates and Product Creators.

General Overview Of What I Think Of Their Site?

I think Commission Junction is a great affiliate Network with great products that are available for any affiliates to promote, but although they offer all this..I think they still don’t have the greatest affiliate product on their list right now! Which is W/A University…