Commission Autopilot Product Review


PRICE : $47 And Tons Of Upsells

OWNER/S: Paul Ponna and Team


What is Commission Autopilot? Does it even work?

This is a “supposed automated money making 2 IN 1 Software Suite of some sort” this is a BIG LIE, if there was a money making software do you think that anyone that owns a pc or a laptop or even a Tablet would not be earning online?

Another question is…if you had a money making software would you share it with other people instead of simply keeping the money for yourself?

Apparently this Paul Ponna guy and his team of 9 figured it out and want to share the secret (software that is) with the rest of the world, you can already see that this guy is privily waiting to seduce unsuspecting victims especially aspiring affiliate marketers.

This Commission Autopilot software is a scam, if aspiring affiliate marketers would somehow stumble upon this website they would easily be deceived by this guy because he makes it sound soo good that it must be truth and thus he more readily lures his unsuspecting victims.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Utilizing Commission AutoPilot?

There are a lot of problems(cons) concerning this particular software more than there are advantages(pros) which are next to none…the idea of a money making software on it’s own is pretty absurd, and someone that actually has any IM experience will realize that this is simply a LIE.

Advantages of Commission AutoPilot

  • It can be downloaded to your Desktop
  • You know the owner’s name!!

These are actually the only two things I can say without a shadow of a doubt that these are the only 2 things that are only good about this software…I hate being cheated and scammed by these con artists online, they are giving IM a bad name.

The Bad …

  • It has way too many upsells
  • It does not really work
  • It is expensive (especially for nothing)
  • The idea of making money without any work and an affiliate link is very unrealistic.

Who Is this Product Specifically For??

This product is for NOBODY, because it will simply be a waste of money and with that money you can get a very legit program, but that’s a story for another time (read all about it here). If you were considering to buy this supposed “2 in 1 Software Suite” I would advise you otherwise.

This guy also is also a huge obstacle for aspiring affiliate marketers, please note: that I’m not attacking him as an individual but this man indeed is demotivating people that have dreams of earning a living online…After being scammed by this guy a lot of people may start to think that earning a living online is impossible.

People will tend to think that there are nothing but scams online…if you are either an aspiring affiliate marketer, intermediate or an advanced affiliate marketer this program is not for you. PERIOD!! But you can indulge yourself if you enjoy being scammed…
There are no affiliate links in this review, in particular, because indeed there is nothing to advertise about this product.

What about their Training?

There is training available at this institution be warned this isn’t cool because the software doesn’t really make cash, it is just a few videos showing you how to use the Software but the catch is they are using the prototype which appears to work but it is doesn’t really work take my word for it.

Which Tools Do They Offer?

The second software is the tool, because it is called the commission multiplier which supposedly takes your affiliate links and send them to document publishing sites in your PDF document which you have created, plus content which you have stolen online with the first software the Commission Activator.

There really isn’t much good to say about this software, if you considered buying I would advise you otherwise, Sorry but I would not in any way commend you spend your hard earned money foolishly. Make Some Real Money online Here.

NAME OF PRODUCT: Commission Autopilot


PRICE: $47 And Tons Of Upsells

OWNER/S : Paul Ponna and Team




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