ClickBank Is The 2nd Best Affiliate Network

Overall Ranking: 87 out of 100

Price: $97

Owners: Matt Hullett


Verdict: Legit


What is clickbank? Why do I say it’s the 2nd best affiliate network?

Clickbank is not only the 2nd best affiliate network you’ll find, it’s also very great due to the variety and flexibility of the products it offers. This network hosts affiliate sites like affilorama and clickbank pirate, well of course some of these products are poorly constructed products especially clickbank pirate.

So then comes the real question, if there are some poorly constructed affiliate products, why then do you say that this the 2nd best affiliate network on the internet, plus there are great affiliate network sites like digiresults, affiliate future and a host of other sites like Mycashfreebies and wealthy affiliate, so why clickbank in particlular?

It is because clickbank has been around the block for a very long time, it’s well-known and people still consider their products as high quality. So what does this mean for you as an affiliate? It means more business, as people are more inclined to click on your hoplink.

What are some of the advantages of choosing clickbank as an affiliate network?


  • It is highly credible, though not NO #1, meaning that it is well established marketed, and updated regularly.
  • Clickbank uses hoplinks instead of affiliate links, they may look the same, serve the same purpose but the thing with hoplinks is that it makes clickbank unique as an affiliate network.

  • They also offer training for product creators and affiliates at their institution called clickbank university.
  • There are plenty of products to promote, most of which are very credible.
  • It also has statistics scanners for their affiliates, which is great because you are not only able to check the number of people that have visited your website in one place but it also helps you to track your conversion rate. (no speculating).

So to me Clickbank is an affiliate network I can consider using it to monetize my site, because it is also user-friendly, plus they also offer free training on how to use the site.

What are some of the disadvantages that you may encounter when using clickbank?

  • To enroll at the clickbank university is quite expensive
  • There are too many upsells, like buying a squeeze page.
  • There is also the domain and hosting fees for your site, hosting is paid monthly!

They only offer little guidance, and how to use their marketplace if you sign up with them as an affiliate. This is to make sure that if you are a complete newbie you are going to sign up with their institution/university.

Who Is Clickbank For? And Why?

This affiliate network is for advanced affiliate marketers because it does not offer any real training for beginners. This affiliate network is not recommended for beginners, unless you know the perks of making a living online.

This affiliate network is okay, but not great, the reason why I say it’s not great, is that they do not offer free training.

This affiliate network is only recommended to the people that know what they are doing, meaning advanced marketers, and not for the average JOE(beginners).

What type of training do they offer as an institution and not as an affiliate network?

The training offered at their institution is ok but not very great. This is because it’s more of a forced option if you don’t have enough knowledge about making a success of yourself in the online world.

Hence they take advantage of this situation to get you to purchase their training, don’t get me wrong their product creators are making a killing with their products, some even make up to $300k per month, but hey…I’m not going to sell you dreams and say that you are going to make that much if you join their institution.

This is a one man review, and one man’s personal views and thoughts. So how much you make is up to you, read their Earnings Disclaimer.


What I will tell you about clickbank is that I offers little support, since you can’t contact the owner directly. This limits your ability to ask questions and get timely support.

This is one of the reasons why I say clickbank is the 2nd best affiliate network because it offers little support to their students and affiliates.

So in a nutshell in terms of support clickbank offers 43% which is not good! Plus the fact that you can’t contact the owner directly is a major bummer.


This is a free affiliate network, if you are an affiliate marketer that knows it’s story then you can promote any product as an affiliate or free.

If you don’t know the first thing about affiliate marketing, then you can get the product for $97/mo plus other costs that might inconvenience you budget, I mean $97/mo is already high enough as it is, SHOULDN’T IT BE ALL INCLUSIVE?

There is also the $1 for 5 days trial, but after that you’ll be charged an abnormal fee $97.


Don’t get me wrong I respect clickbank as an affiliate network, but the prices they charge for their training are just plain ridiculous.

I would not pay that much for a product that has so many inconveniences on one’s budget and also offers so little support. Lack of support for such? IS A DEFINITE NO NO.

For more support and free training just click here

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