My Fb Vidmatic Review…

Product Name: FB Vidmatic

Price: $47

Owner/s: Justin Opay & Associates

Discount: 45% Discount

Website: FB Vidmatic website

Overall Ranking: 50 out of 100


My Fb Vidmatic Review Will Address This Software head on

In this fb vidmatic review I’ll be addressing the most important aspects about this software, and yes I said software…usually I don’t review softwares in this blog, but this … CONTINUE READING

The Auto Profit System, Is it a Scam?

Auto profit system is one of those training platforms that gives you access to everything you need to build an online/affiliate marketing business (focuses mainly on email marketing) .

There are only a few missing pieces, although they won’t affect your profitability ! How many so-called systems and training platforms/software can be associated with the word “profitability” nowadays?

Sure, they will tell you that, just so that you can can … CONTINUE READING

What Is Internet Wealth Biz? Beware!

Product Name: Internet Wealth Biz

Ranking: 10 out of 100

Owner/s: Brian Thompson

Price: $67, discounted frontend offer is $37 and a ton of upsells

Verdict: Scam

First things first, I’m asking you a question as someone reading this post, what is Internet wealth biz? , If you have any experience with it, just drop me a comment in the comments section below this post. However we must also … CONTINUE READING

Fan Page Money Method Review

Product Name : Fan Page Money Method

Ranking : 14 out of 100

Owner/s : Michael Chenney

HomePage :

Verdict: Definitely a scam

What is Fan Page Money method?, We’ll Be Covering All Of That In This Review!

In this review we’ll be looking and analyzing fan page money method from all angles, including the business model, and why it is bound to fail you, here’s what … CONTINUE READING