Build a Website Using WordPress


There are different website building platforms out there, from DreamWeaver, My Free Website Builder, and a host of other platforms but the top 5 website building platforms in chronological order are:

  • You can build a website using WordPress
  • Siterubix (exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate members only)
  • Wix (drag and drop framework)
  • My Free Website Builder (free software by Ewen Chia)
  • And finally DreamWeaver (needs technical know-how though, because everything is manually coded).

These are the different platforms you can utilize to build a solid and traffic generating website.

Why should I use WordPress instead of the other platforms?

Here are some very strong reasons why, I recommend that you use WordPress, it is because WordPress, has over 30 000 plugins, this simplifies the technical mumbo jumbo, of having to worry about building an XML file (sitemap) for your website.

There are other factors such as embedding videos on your site, this can be quite a daunting task especially if you are a newbie to this whole internet marketing business or field, and there is also the process of creating drop down menus on your site, which is another tiresome and daunting task.

These are technical things that need professionals in this field of study, but what if you don’t have the background knowledge? does that mean that you should just give up building websites, or forget about it?

How many times have you been ridiculed about this internet marketing thingy, if you ever tried explaining to your friends about it, but I can assure that, today you found the right website at the right time.

wordpress-logoWhat makes WordPress so different and distinguished among the other platforms.

WordPress is especially the best and most used website building platform, why? Is it because it’s free? No that’s not the only reason, it is because it’s framework is a WYSIWYG meaning What You See Is What You Get hence WYSIWYG.

WYSIWYG platforms are much more user-friendly than most, because you operate them as you would operate a microsoft word platform, and almost anybody can use Microsoft Word. This design is not only revolutionary but it also became a game changer, because affiliate marketing started booming after this design.

selection_002So now that you can see for yourself even though I barely scratched the surface of this platform, because I failed to talk about the tons of thousand of WordPress Themes and the features of the All-in-one seo plugin…and this just one plugin, excluding thousands of other plugins.

That is why I say this from experience, that wordpress is the best website builder out there.

Maybe you might still be doubting and saying how did you come up with that conclusion? I came up with this conclusion because the other four platforms are four of the best, and WordPress is still the clear winner still.

I haven’t juxtaposed it to softwares, or platforms that are weak, have a lower load time, I juxtaposed it to platforms like DREAMWEAVER, this platform is stupendous because of it’s unprecedented speed, because it uses no plugins…it is indubitably the fastest.

I still maintain that you use WordPress because it is user friendly but DreamWeaver isn’t, see my point?WordPress’ speed is also quite fast but it isn’t faster than DreamWeaver,(that’s for sure).

wordpress-5-xxlThat’s my opinion on WordPress as platform and I would really like to say use it because it would be in your best interest… this is a WordPress site you are looking at right now.

I rest my case! And if you have any questions, like which plugins to use or perhaps want me to give you more reasons why I recommend WordPress, just halla at me on the comments section below and I’ll get back to you. Peace Out! 🙂