Affilorama By Mark Ling. What Is It?

Overall Ranking: 88 Out Of 100
Price: $0, $1 for a 30 day trial and $67/month for Affilorama Premium and $997 for Affilojetpack
Owners: Mark Ling

What Is Affilorama? And Who is Mark Ling?

Affilorama is an affiliate marketing marketing course created by Mark Ling, I would also like to address another question that is just as important! Who is Mark Ling? Mark Ling is a product creator, he is famous on the online space for his products.

Mark Ling is the product creator of other online training courses such as Jamorama and if you are a guitarist, you’ve probably took some of his free lessons online. Affilorama is also a great affiliate product, I have tried it out myself…haha back in my searching days…

The quality of content offered at affilorama is what keeps it relevant and competitive in the online space, it’s also very credible, but like every single thing has  flaws, so does afflilorama by Mark Ling.

What Are The Advantage Of Affilorama? What Can I Profit From It?

  • This product is free to try, only pay for hosting, which is also optional.
  • They offer a free website building software, called DreamWeaver.
  • They also provide people with a free keyword tool called traffic travis.
  • They break down everything in such a way that it makes it easy for people to follow through with the training.
  • They do offer some ENOUGH support on their site.
  • The free training is free forever.

This is a site that s nicely put together, especially considering the fact that there are plenty of scams out there, and this is also probably why this site is my second choice, because the owner is quite a credible fellow.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Affilorama???

  • The Affilojetpack is quite expensive.
  • They also offer pre-written Email campaigns that can affect your rankings quite significantly.
  • Their Live Chat feature is far less interactive as it you can only chat to the administrators and not the community at large.
  • There is a lot of Affilorama affiliates out there.

These are the only flaws that I know of as far as Affilorama is concerned. This is probably why I say that affilorama ranks second in my list of top affiliate marketing courses. And believe me that’s no easy feat.

Can Their Training At Affilorama Profit Me As A Total Newbie?

Affilorama is a very respectable platform and I’ve personally tried out their free, training…it was developed with the beginner in mind and I must say that in my searching days, It was sort of like a light in darkness for me.

This training escalates with every upgrade, it does get better and better. I’ve even learnt some other traffic generation tips , like publishing a PDF file and selling it on amazon. These are forgotten traffic generation tips.

This is a technique used mostly by intermediate and expert affiliate marketers. Meaning that this course is definitely solid, but the price points are a bit off, nothing a discount can’t fix, especially Affilorama premium.

What Sort Of Training And Tools Do They Use At Affilorama??

At affilorama they offer 3 main tools which I know of. Mainly being:

Affilotheme is quite bittersweet according to me, now why do I say that? The affilotheme is not only a great theme that helps affilorama affiliates, by making their site get indexed faster, but is also an upsell of $97/year.

Then There is also traffic travis…this is a very famous affilorama keyword tool, who hasn’t come across this keyword tool, if you haven’t then you haven’t been around that long. I also have respect for this product because it does produce some high traffic keywords.

DreamWeaver is a plugin building platform, it can also be used to build a custom theme and optimize your website speed and load time.

How Much Support Can I Expect to Receive??

At Affilorama they offer ENOUGH support, but their support is not really the kind of support that I have grown accustomed to, they do help each other out as community.

They also have the live chat feature but it’s handled solely by the administrators, you cannot chat to Mark Ling directly which is also a major bummer for me.

So long story short, the support offered at affilorama is standard, but the fact that you cannot contact the owner directly makes me lightly esteem it, even though it has everything else in its rightful place.

Price? How Much?

They offer quality training on their site. There are also several price points for different membership levels, there is the $0 free membership option which gives you access to training and limited use to their and then there is the affilorama premium membership which costs about $1 for the first month and then $67/month + $97 affilotheme optional upsell any month thereafter.

And then there is the affiloblueprint which costs  $197 one time+ $97 Affilotheme upsell and lastly, there is the  affilojetpack which costs $997/year, and $747 if it is on sale.

As you can see some of their price points are reasonable, especially for premium membership option, but the $997/yearly membership isn’t really reasonable. Like I say “they lost their vision of helping others”.


aFFilorama is a great video training course, sure it has it’s flaws, as do other affiliate marketing video courses, but after all I will say affilorama is reputable. It comes lacking when we compare it’s success rate with wealthy affiliate’s success rate.



  1. Pitin

    Two years ago, I almost signed up to be an Affilorama Premium member. The system sounds promising and I owe Affilorama my drive to start a blog. But upon comparing it to Wealthy Affiliate, I decided not to.

    I almost bought the Affilojetpack. The delay in the response to my inquiry about it is what made me signed up in Wealthy Affiliate platform. It took them 2 weeks to answer my inquiry and because I am an impatient person, LOL, it was a deal-breaker for me.

    • admin

      Hi Pitinski

      I would say that Affilorama’s support is okay but not great, because I realized that Mark Ling does put in the effort to answer all inquiries personally.

      Affilorama also motivated me as well to start my online business, had it not been for it, I wouldn’t have known that you need a website to start a business online.

      They made this concept very clear to me, and for the first time in the online world I felt like I was getting somewhere, alas that their prices are so high, and their support team so weak…It would have been a great product.

      Thanks for expressing your thoughts again Pitinski.

  2. Cathy

    I am a free member at Affilorama and if you have the time to sit and read, they have some really good articles about affiliate marketing and online businesses.

    I have thought about Affilioblueprint, but wasn’t keen on using any other platform than WordPress. As for the Jetpack, I am not sure if it’s worth paying that much for something that is pre-written and potentially used by other webmasters.

    That’s something you need to consider if you are into serious online business.

    • admin

      Hi Cathy

      Great to hear from you, and I think you can totally relate, being a member and of Affilorama and all, that pre-written content is in google’s black books right now and to do use them will be detrimental to your site health.

      And your ranking might drop, or even worse, you might not make the cut into the search queries, which is what every affiliate marketer wants.

      As usual great to hear from you. Cheers 😉

  3. Neil

    I was once a former member of Affilorama but I quit due to the membership prices being too high and also the training was a little difficult to follow. But that was at least 5 years ago.

    However, looking at your list of Pros, it seels like Affilorama has gone through some improvements. 🙂

    I do agree that Affiloranma can be a great training course for affiliates, but I think people must be prepared to fork out extra expenses.

    Thanks for the review.


    • admin

      Hi again Neil

      I must say that I’m very happy and excited that you found my review helpful, I always intend to help people in my reviews and I must say that I’m pleased to see that this review was a huge eye-opener for you…and has hopefully got you to revisit affilorama and check out some of the improvements that they have made to their website, and if whether or not they are a perfect fit for you.

      Thanks Again.

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