About Me

Here is my story…a lil background!!

Halla, my name is Khanya and I am 23 years old and I just love building websites, but enough about business, I was a student at Rosebank College which is registered with the IIE  2014, I matriculated on 2012…I started being interested in affiliate Marketing mid 2014.

Yeah I guess you can say I have not been around that long, but guess what I obtained an education online at wealthy affiliate, so it has not been in vain spending all that time behind my laptop, always chasing after the shiny object of the day that can get me a quick buck.

First and foremost I would like to tell that I am certainly not a guru and I would also like to advise you to STAY AWAY from anything associated with that word, it is the most dangerous word on the internet right now.

It was rough in the beginning…maybe you can relate

When I started out online I started out looking for the fastest way to earn money online, without any work involved, but unfortunately it does not work that way , and why do I say that? It is because; although you might be able post a youtube video with a shortened affiliate link and get a few sales, it is not really scaleable over a period of time.

So while I was spending more than I was receiving on online courses and books, I reached a breaking point and I had it with affiliate marketing, but because I loved it I just continued to persevere. I got scammed a couple of times and I came across wealthy affiliate in the month of September 2014.

I learned that although you can earn money with an affiliate link you need to build a website around that niche in particular and that can be a daunting task if you are trying to figure it out on your own…


It Takes A Community! Let me help you be another success story


This might sound a bit confusing especially, if you have never met a community of people that genuinely care online, unlike those unfriendly scammers that nickel and dime people, promising them riches overnight, while they have sinister motives.

The community there, the people don’t have sinister motives, they are ordinary people, who were maybe retrenched from work, others retired, students and a host of different people, who managed to successful, and have dedicated their time to helping other people online and exposing scams.

I believe in helping other people make a success of their lives, and also reaching their financial goals. This is why I wrote this about me page, I know it’s rough out there and you can find it hard to believe me, so the question then comes…why should I believe you?

I only ask you to try Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t have to buy it but I know you’ll love it. I just wanted to let you know that I’m not your enemy, but rather that we have a common enemy which is SCAMMERS.

So I could not have written this much more clearly and sincerely, because I would like to assure you that I’m not your enemy, I’m an enemy of the enemy, which makes me a friend. Hook up with me on my Profile Here and let us get started and make you another success story…How does that sound?

This is written and signed by yours truly, and you can be sure that I will stick to my promise